• A great stout fellow, big in brawn and bone. He had is broad, knotty and short-shouldered. A hard headed with a red beard. A wart is displayed on which there stood a tuft of hair, red as bristles in an old sows ears. Nostrils were as black as they were wide. His mighty mouth was like a furnace door. Wore a hood of blue and white coat.


  • A horse that is ran down, not in the best of shape anymore.


  • He owns the mill so he is pretty comfortable wealthy but cheats his customers grain by placing his thumb on the scale.


  • He is middle-class, who owns a mill.


  • He has very bad morals because he steals all the time.


  • Owns a mill, steals grain when he is weighing people's grain to get more money.


  • Loves to play his bagpipes and was always in front of everyone bringing them out of town. He cheats people out of what he owes them. He could go and win the ram at any wresting show show. He could heave any door off the hinge and post, or take a run and break. Huge strong guy who is really ugly. He drinks a lot and does awful filthy tavern stories.


16 Stone: 224 pounds.

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