Fixing My mistakes Talking over tests with my professor

For this exhibit, I have chosen my math class to talk with my teacher about. I got a C on my last exam and would like to understand why my grade wasn't higher.

I am changing my strategies for test taking for this course after meeting with the professor. I will be starting studying a longer period of time away from the test, 5-6 days instead of 3-4. I also will try to focus on what I don't know more than what I have been doing, of just reviewing what I'm kind of iffy on. I am also going to improve on doing the Webassign for every due date to help review even more. Another way that I plan on improving is to help get the details. I can usually narrow it down to several choices, and still pick the wrong one end the end. To improve this I will be focusing on reading the question more carefully and looking for "context clues" to some extent in the questions. I will study the material for the tests section by section and review it after every class.


This experience was enjoyable just like the professor interview. It was surprising to me that this went as well as it did. The grad student that is my teacher for the course really helped with going over what I did wrong, and really worked through the problems with me. He didn't just give me the answers and say how to do it, he actually walked me through each step of the process and was paying attention to whether or not I was understanding the information. I did well on the multiple choice questions for this test, and it was a combination of carelessness, and not picking the right way that led me to getting most of those that I did wrong. Even on the questions that I thought I had no idea what I was doing, I had the base information correct. Mr. Garth helped me through the process, and gave me tips to take out those careless errors from my test taking. I helped focus me in reading the questions slower, and having a better understanding of the question. I liked the form that was used for this as well. It allowed me to see a physical representation of what I do wrong on tests, and my reasons for getting them wrong. It is beneficial I feel to be able to see this represented as for me at least it helps me understand how to move forward and improve.


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