Popsicle Bridge 2 By AlejandRo Calderon, matt shoNeye, bobby AlLen

Foundations of the bridge

For this second bridge we changed the idea for more of a train track pattern through out the bridge. We made it 4 sticks tall for stability. We then slid the rest of the Popsicle bridge through the gaps to make it strong.

The middle piece

We made sure to make the middle tall and bigger than the sides to make sure it could support the weight and the platform.

We didn't use trusses which was a big problem because the weight couldn't be distributed equally. We look forward to adding trusses if we ever make another bridge.

Ideas for a new bridge

We realize you need to support the middle the most other wise it will just cave in on itself. So if we ever made another bridge that's what we would work on the most.


Created with images by FrankWinkler - "bridge lighthouse sunset" • sl-fotografie - "hdr bridge emden germany"

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