Immigration By samanta guzman

People are getting affected by this issue because ICE is separated families. I am getting affected by this issue is because my parents are immigrants and it is scary to go outside the house not knowing who or what is waiting for you outside.

50 years ago allot of people were slaves and that is the same that is happening right now...because allot the immigrants are being separated of there type of genre.That happened years ago also with the black and white!!

50 years from now there would not be any racism in this world because allot of people would have learn that it does ‘not matter from where you are or anything like that...what will matter is what you are from the inside. The way they will learn this lesson is by knowing that they have family like us or that they should not believe what people tell them...if someone says they will make america great again!!That is how they will learn.


1 person who I really look up to is my mom because even thought she is a immaggran she still knows she has rights like everyone else.AND another person is martin Luther king Jr because he is a colored person and back then they only palled attention to the white people so martin fighted for his right.

Something i will do or am going to do is i willl do a protest like the one they just did on thursday..latinos unidos no seran vensidos..


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