ALEDO SPEAKS OUT Community members gather for social justice march

Brittney and Danielle Trought, twins who graduated from Aledo High School in 2015, were inspired after participating in a Fort Worth protest to plan a Black Lives Matter march in their hometown. Saturday, June 6, close to 350 people gathered at 6 p.m. at Aledo High School and marched to "The Commons" and back in Aledo's first racial equality march.

“It was incredible to see so many like-minded people supporting a movement that I’m also passionate about. I wanted to be able to use the voice I was given to do good, and I’m proud of my community for doing the same.” - Ava Bathurst, junior

Mayor of Aledo Kit Marshall addresses the crowd.

Ryan Newsome, a Youth Director at Christ Church of Fountain Hills and graduate of Aledo High School, speaks.

Brittney Trought, one of the march organizers, tears up as she closes out the speeches prior to the march.

Marchers leave the high school parking lot to kick off their 1.8 mile walk down Bailey Ranch Road to The Commons.

After marching through town, police officers lining their path, activists crossed the tracks chanting, "Black lives matter!"

The train comes across the tracks right as some of the marchers cross, leaving most of the marchers behind, while those who made it across gaze behind them.

The two groups of marchers unite and continue their peaceful activism.

Marchers kneel or take a seat for an 8 minute and 46 second moment of silence to honor George Floyd.

People gesture their support as they drive by The Commons during the crowd's moment of silence.

Photo Essay by Claire Kennedy


Claire Kennedy