BINet USA Bisexuals are not invisible

There are many stereotypes that may people associate bisexuals with such as they are greedy, selfish and non-monogamous
Another stereotype is that they are not trustworthy as well as sneaky
Many people believe bisexuals do not exist and people who identity as bisexuals are confused, but this is not the case.
Just because bisexuals like both genders doesn't mean they will ultimately choose the opposite sex to be with
Bisexuals are also more prone to commit suicude than other members of the LGBTQ community
Bisexuals are also more likely to face discrimination from both heterosexuals and members of the LGBTQ community
As a result, many organizations such as BINet USA took charge to create safe spaces for bisexuals.
The pink in the bisexual flag represents attraction to same sex only and the blue represents an attraction to the opposite sex. Both together are purple.
Although there are LGBTQ prides all over the world, bisexuals still feel as if they are invisible due to discrimination.


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