The iDEC Foundation Course Learn to create professional video on your smartphone

Why all the fuss about video?

83% of businesses

say that video provides a good return on investment

74% of users

who watched an explainer video about a product subsequently bought it

You're 53 times more likely

to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website

76% of users

say they would share a branded video if it was entertaining

Smartphone video

Gone are the days when making a video would entail expensive and heavy, bulky equipment. We are part of a generation lucky enough to have a high definition video camera and editing suite in our pocket. Anyone who owns a smartphone has the means to shoot, edit and distribute video content online…

...but not necessarily the ability.

power in your pocket

Creating smartphone video content

Lots of people are already making videos, but the standard and content of the majority of these are very poor; no structure or story, badly lit and framed, inappropriate backgrounds and poor sound quality. Video is no different from any other communication channel that represents your business.

It should resonate with your people and your customers and reflect and reinforce your brand values.

agile video content

Employee generated video

What if a group of your employees were trained to produce regular engaging and high quality video content on their smartphones? There would no longer be a need to spend lots of money on bringing in expensive production agencies. You would have an in-house resource on the ground. Ready and able to create lots of content at virtually no extra cost. And who better to create content for your business than a member of your team who has a comprehensive understanding of your business and your brand?

Create all types of engaging video content

They will be able to produce a huge variety of video content relating to all areas of your business, keeping your website, intranet and social media feeds fresh, relevant and up to date with regular agile content

including . . .

  • customer testimonials
  • case studies
  • interviews
  • recruiting
  • induction
  • training
  • knowledge sharing
  • CSR and outreach
  • events and conferences

Over the course of two days, attendees learn the basics of camera work and some simple editing techniques, providing them with the skills to produce some impressive and engaging content on their smartphone.

We do this using our iDEC approach to training.

iDEC - individual, director, editor camera-person

Our iDEC approach is a mixture of teaching and practical sessions

Attendees are shooting video within the first hour of the course. By the end of the two days, they will have made their first video, which will include montages, cutaways, interviews, captions and music.

What you will learn on our iDEC Foundation Course

Attendees learn all about pre-production, production and post-production – all the important points they’ll need to consider at each of these stages to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. They’ll also learn six basic skills and techniques used in video creation.

  • shooting GVs or General Views
  • interviews & pieces to camera
  • editing a montage
  • voice over
  • captions
  • using cutaways

And our course is CPD accredited

iDEC course graduation photograph

Ongoing after course support

After the course, we provide the new iDECs with a password that gives access to a Members Only Zone on our website where they’ll find useful recaps, tips and advice.

We encourage attendees to send in their videos post-course, so that we can give them some guidance and advice on an ongoing basis, so that their skills can be honed.

If desired, we can also help you develop your own social media strategy to incorporate the video content you’ve created and maximise its reach and effectiveness.

Who needs snackable video?

We’ve trained all types and all sizes of businesses including engineering, mining, insurance, financial services, education, leisure and hospitality and the third sector.

Whatever your business

This proves that it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, regular ‘snackable’ video that engages both with your customers and your team is the way that organisations are communicating now. How information is disseminated has changed. People don’t have the time or the inclination to read as much as they used to.

They don’t want to read . . . they want to watch!

experienced industry professionals

Your iDEC Trainers

John Dixon

John began his working life in the theatre as writer in residence at the MAC Birmingham. From there he worked in theatres across the UK as a writer, director promotions, which led him to begin directing TV commercials and making factual programming. John has been producer on a wide range of projects including a broadcast series for ITV1, 'Music uncovered', IPTV series, 'The School' for Becta and corporate live events at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, for Etisalat. As a writer, he has worked for the BBC, ITV, Discovery, Intel, Microsoft and Land Rover.

Ralph Tittley

Ralph spent the early days of his career as online editor in a busy London facility using tape based suites, working on broadcast, corporate and commercial television. His credits include Bite Back, TV Hell, Mushroom Magic, The Late Show, Newsnight, Horizon, Equinox, New West. He has since produced and directed numerous live action and animated television productions including TV commercials, documentaries and 3D kids series. Production credits include Gardener’s World, Pebble Mill, Heartland, King of the Road, Out & About with clients such as Cadbury's, GE Capital, Dixons and EDF & Coca-Cola. And a programme he edited won an Emmy for post production!

Thank you for your interest in our iDEC Foundation Course. If you want to know more about how we can teach you to create professional and engaging content on your smartphone, please get in touch.


07843 347998

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