2020 Retirees A tribute to West's graduating teachers for their years of service to the Warriors

"We're so grateful for the skill, generosity, and dedication that all of our retirees have brought to Maine West each and every day. Those of us who stay know that we have a lot to live up to because these staff members have set a very high standard for serving our students and families. We will miss them almost as much as we admire them."--Dr. Eileen McMahon, Principal

A Maine West grad, working at District 207 since 1987

Associate Principal David Matkovic

"Dave Matkovic is a Maine West grad and a second-generation Maine West teacher, as his dad was on the staff when the school opened. He grew up at West and has devoted virtually his whole professional life to teaching, coaching, and leading generations of Warriors. He has a special place in the history of excellence of our school and we are profoundly grateful for his years of service."--Dr. Eileen McMahon, Principal

Working with District 207 since 1987

Social Science teacher Matthew McClure

"Mr. McClure was one of my favorite teachers in high school! APUSH was one of the hardest classes I've taken, but his passion for the subject really inspired me to want to work hard and to want to succeed in the class and on the test." --Katy Anderson

"Mr. McClure truly changed my mindset junior year and helped me become the best student I could be. APUSH was challenging, but the enthusiasm and positivity he had while teaching made it my favorite class of the day. I will forever be thankful to have had the opportunity to be his student."--Crystal Bereckis

"Mr. McClure is one of the best teachers out there! You can really tell he cares about his students and wants them to succeed. I was always excited to come to class everyday and listen to his stories as well as learn about US history. There was certainly never a dull moment in his class!"--Laura Okrzesik

Working with District 207 since 2000

Physical Education teacher Steven Piha

"Steve Piha is one of the hardest working coaches I've ever met in my life whether it's on the field or in class. He truly has left a mark on me not just as an athlete, but as an adult." --Jack Roback

"Mr. Piha was an amazing role model that I am grateful to have had throughout my years at Maine West. I was fortunate to have his guidance through the good and the bad. He is someone who always kept me on track and will always be held with the highest regards in my book." --Lauren Staunton

"Coach Piha was one of the best coaches I've ever had and has taught me so much on and off the field."--Michael Bartusiak

Working with District 207 since 2003

Science teacher Dan Fraker

"Though I've only seen Mr. Fraker through my time in SNHS, his willingness to help students and passion for what he does has been very clear. His impact on the school has been incredible and I wish him the best in retirement."--Victoria Buszek

"Mr. Fraker is a very patient and understanding person. He has supported my ideas and encouraged me to follow through with them when leading in SNHS. He offers his help whenever he can! He was a great asset during Science Day. He is such a fun person to be around and very reliable."--Dhriti Patel

Working with District 207 since 1990

English Language Learning and Bilingual Education teacher Mary Rolla

"I congratulate Mrs. Rolla for the years of service as a teacher in the ESL and World Languages Department. She is a kind, caring teacher who has worked hard for students to realize their potential. Mrs. Rolla challenged her students to achieve at high levels. I wish her the best of luck in her retirement."-- Mr. Al Matan, ELL and World Languages Department Chair

Working with District 207 since 2000

English Language Learning and Bilingual Education teacher Krystyna Srutwa

"Ms. Srutwa is a passionate teacher who has worked with our students in the ESL program at Maine West for over 20 years. She embraced the cultures of her students and showed them value of the English language and how it could benefit them in their future endeavors. I hope she finds the time to relax during her retirement." -- Mr. Al Matan, ELL and World Languages Department Chair

Created by Sarah Smail (editor-in-chief)