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Alex, Sophia, and Daria


It was an accidental still life. I realized that the cause, effect, and events that resulted in crashed eggs are symbolic. While the eggs were falling and turning into a disposable matter, I was just watching, either unable to move, or knowing that it would be futile to attempt to catch 5 eggs that are in the free flight right at this moment. It reminds me of the current situation in the world, where everything started collapsing all of a sudden and altogether. And the only thing left for me to do was to observe it because just like I cannot catch 5 eggs at the same time, I cannot stop the world’s disasters from happening simply because it is not the ability I possess. It is not within my reach. Just like with the broken eggs, I can clean up the mess to prevent the future disasters. Similarly, I can do a small thing in my community to help the world slowly recover.


Boise, Idaho
Lake Grandy, Washington
Suzzallo Library at University of Washington
Seattle, Washington
Los Angeles, California

Sofia Liashcheva is a Russian-born queer artist, who now resides in Los Angeles. She immigrated to the United States in 2017, and it has significantly changed her not only as an artist but a person. She has become more liberated in expressing who she is through photography.

Sofia’s artistic journey began when she first attended the Arts Academy for Youth when she was 11 years old. Once she immigrated to the US, she started attending a high school with an arts-oriented curriculum. Later, she joined Las Fotos Project in their fight for equal rights for women in a male dominated art industry. She gained a sense of belonging to a community of artists that use art to help those whose voices are so commonly unheard.

Sofia thinks that photography as an advocacy tool is one of the strongest and most powerful due to the message it can send as well as the audience it can reach. Looking through a camera lens gives her a sense of looking farther and seeing the world wider. Through her art practice, she wishes to capture the beauty and uniqueness of every moment, person, living and non-living thing that surrounds her.

Email: slyascheva@gmail.com

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Sofia Liashcheva