Clonmacnoise facts

1.Clonmacnoise is on the banks of the river Shannon .

2. Clonmacnoise was founded by St.Ciaráin 544 AD.

3.There were 17 churches Clonmacnoise in the eaight century.

4.Clonmacnoise is in co. Offaly .

5.The Clonmacnoise was attacked by the vikings eaight times .

6.Most of the churches have recently undergone compremhensive concervation works mostly re-pointing with the nuns church (about one km of site )currently under wraps while it too undergoes the same process .

7. There is two important paths going around Clonmacnoise .

8.Clonmacnoise it was a place and a religious learning and a place of pilgrimage, renowned for it's literary and artistic achievements and enjoying the patronage of the Kings and Chieftains,who funded and construction of the Churches and the high crosses .Two of the last High kings of Ireland are buried there .

Leah,Abbey and Taylo


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