Horses By: LorEn roberts

What animal has long, strong legs, and at one time lived in the wild? If you guessed a horse, you are right! We are going to look at supplies that they need, their grooming routine and their interesting diet.


Hoses have a interesting diet. They eat a lot of different kinds of food. There Food depends on if it is cold or warm, if it is cold they will eat in the barns and eat hay and grains. Sometimes it is warm out, so they eat outside and they eat hay. Also when you feed them, you have to feed them a exact amount, to do that, you have to go to your horse vet, so they can see how much they way , do not ever guess! Some treats that you can feed them are apples, carrots, pepper mints, and salt blocks. Those are some kinds of food there is many more different kinds of food those are some that I found.


There is a lot of supplies that you need to havE To a horse some tack that you need to have are a Seattle, a half pad, Seattle pad, brides some other supplies that you might need is a halter, leed rope, and girth some things that your horse needs is good grazing, space in there stall, wood shavings or paper shavings. Those are some things that you and your horse are going to need.


Horses have a lot of ways they need to be groomed. First, you could use a cure comb to get the mud lose. Then, take a soft brush to brush the mud off of them. Also, for bathing you should clean them once a week but do not clean them when it is cold. Lastly, you could use a hoof pick and hoof oil, to use on there feet. Theses are some things that you could use on your horse.

Horses are amazing animals. They need unlikely supplies. And unusual diet, also that have many ways to groom a horse. In conclusion horses are a magnificent animal!

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