Death penalty Kipp and lysander

Death Penalty

The death penalty ethical issue is a large problem in modern day society, it is especially exists and is apparent in the United States. Many people feel it is not ethical to take someone's life even if they've committed a serious crime.

Advantages disadvantages and opinions

This occurs when someone commits a crime such as murder, manslaughhter, rape etc. These crimes are regarded as so serious they are worthy of taking a life. Many people think that it is unethical. There are many protests each week to abolish the death penalty

On the other hand many people's family's of the victims feel that they get closure from seeing the accused die. This is shown when a BBC documentary showed a mother of the victims reaction to the accused mouthing sorry.


Not only do you take the life of someone you are also severely affecting family and friends. It is shown that losing a family member through capital can increase the risk of depression and mental health issues up to 50%.

Modern day punsihment

In modern day society a nessecity to carry stiffer punishment for those that commit harder crimes but the point of prisons are not only to punish but to reform and capital punishment does not offer this.

Secondly the use of rehabilitation also eliminates wrongly accused deaths through capital punishment.


Death penalty is also one of the most expensive forms of punishment. A normal case is around £700,000 where as the death penalty costs over £1.26.

One in 25 deaths through death penalty are mis-trials

One solution for this is tighter regulations around how much evidence and witnesses needed to be present. This would significantly lower the rates of mistrial.

In conclusion we feel that capital punishment is useful for those who can't be changed. But should only be trialled through capital punishment if there is an abundance of evidence present.

We also feel that rehabilition is a better system as people can always be changed with the right incentives.


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