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Miami is found in Southern Florida, and due to it's location between two major bodies of water Miami is known for it's tropical activity. One in seven of all the worlds cruise passengers start in Miami Florida. In land area Miami is one of smallest major cities in the United States. Since Miami is so big it is separated into different sections the North, South, West, and Downtown. Downtown is considered the heart of Miami.


Miami has a tropical monsoon climate with hot and humid summers and short warm winters. Miami gets no snow in winter and gets an average of 61 inches of rain per year. Most of the rain comes during the wet season which begins in May and continues through mid-October.

things to do

There are many places to visit in Miami as in the Burger King headquarters, jungle island, Villa vazcaya, and Miami Sea aquarium. Miami has been known as the cruise capital of the world for more than two decades. ranked third-most impressive in the united states Miami's skyline has buildings risings over 400 feet.


In 2010 70% of Miami's population spoke Spanish while only about 22% spoke English. The last 8% of the population speak different languages. Around 68% of Miami population practices Christianity as a religion.The population of Miami Florida is 6,012,331 people as of 2015. Miami is nicknamed the Capital of Latin America" because it's the largest city with a Cuban-american background.


Miami is a metropolitan area and it grew from just over 1,000 residents to nearly 5.5 million residents in just 110 years. in 1920 the northerners were attracted to Miami which started the major growth in the city. the residents who have lived in Miami their whole lives may have never seen snow in real life. there are know records of snow fall, but some of the older residents state they saw snow flurries on January 19, 1977.


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