Olympic National Park - a World Heritage Site - is one of our most diverse national parks. Over a million acres, and covering three distinct ecosystems, it includes both high glacier-clad peaks and 70 miles of rugged seashore. Highlights from our workshop included Hurricane Ridge - both morning and evening and Sul Duc Falls on the east end and the HOH Rainforest, Ruby Beach and Rialto Beach (both morning and evening) on the west. In another late afternoon we photographed several lavender locations in and around Sequim until sunset. The lavender was in peak condition for the Lavender Festival which followed the week after we left. Here are sample images from our participants:

Sunset at Rialto Beach is just fun to shoot. Not as well known as its Oregon relatives, its sea stacks silhouetted against a sunset sky provide great subject matter as they break the horizon. This is Joe Campbell's shot of a magic moment.

From atop Hurricane Ridge, Marvin Fitzgerald provides us with this excellent black and white treatment of the layered terrain with Mount Baker in the far background.

This nice image from Gloria Meyerle; just a couple of evergreens with Olympic's mountains in the background. Simple; Nice!

Of course, there were other blossoms too. Like these poppies against a clear blue sky from Melissa Stanton.

Bill Mittendorf catches this nice image of moss and waterfall.

Roberta Kayne shares this shot of a crocosmia (a relative of the gladiola). Nice blurry background with enough green to help its complimentary red "pop".

Brian Kennedy found this nice little pool just below Sol Duc Falls.

Alfredo Fayard shares his shot of this lavender field at sunset. The sun is cropped because the background was very uninteresting but he got the star. Nice!

Suman Muppidi, attending his first workshop ever, captured this nice image at Sol Duc Falls

"You don't have to show the whole thing". Bob Foster's image just says "Lavender"..

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