Growing Further Apart

The relationship that I will be exploring in my life is the readltionship of my parents and I. The reason why I chose this realtionship is because we haven't been really close to each other like we use to be. Back then when we were still in Vietnam my parents and my siblings and I would always have family meals together at least twice a day. We would talk and discuss how our day went and or we would talk about what is happening in society which usually sparked the whole family to laugh. Now my parents barely have big talks with me because they are either too tired or busy working. I feel like the bond between them and I are slowly fading away. But I would always try to get them back connected to me everytime we go on a family vacation since they are relaxed and are away from their reality. I would ask them random question about me as a little kid and surprisingly they would truthfully answer the question in the most positive way. I really miss the old memery that we had but I sure know that those memeries can be revive but not in a similar way. I can use those memeries and build off of them instead of going back to them and repeating them.

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