Devils Lake Wisconsin

Devils Lake Wisconsin is a state park founded in 1911. There is a 360 acre lake, 29 miles of hiking trails, and rock cliffs that attract climbers from around the world. The beautiful year round park invites people to come and enjoy a vacation, or just a day outside.


Devils lake state park is in south central Wisconsin, 3 miles south Baraboo. Devils lake is in a valley surrounded by gigantic rock bluffs and forest, it's like taking a look back in time. At this peaceful lake you will feel at ease and stress-free in this natural environment. This 360 acre clear water lake has amazing opportunities to pull out your camera and snap a few photos that would be great for your family calendar.

Devils doorway.


The history of Devils lake state park is an interesting one. Geologists believe that devils lake was first created 1.6 billion years ago from a glacier that pushed dirt and rock from the area. Founded in 1911 the park is the 3rd oldest state park in Wisconsin. Devils lake had a town like camp that had a jail, railroad,post office, saloon, and hotels. The park had quarries all around it that have now been decommissioned, but they mainly were looking for limestone. The Lincoln family visited Devils Lake many times to see the peaceful views.

One of the many beaches at Devils Lake.


The culture of the area surrounding Devils Lake is mainly formed from the Ho-Chunk Native Americans. The Ho-Chunk or Winnebago's were a dominant tribe in the era. They lived mainly in Wisconsin and Nebraska. The Ho-Chunk people used "Spirit Lake" as an area to hunt, fish, and do celebrations. This "Spirit Lake" is actually Devils Lake. Devils lake was a misinterpretation of "Spirit Lake". The Ho-Chunk called Devils Lake, "Spirit Lake" because supposedly in many of the celebrations spirits of the ancestors were said to have been heard.

A Ho-Chunk Native American.


A great Crappie caught by an Angler

In the clear water lake you can fish for multiple species of pan fish from the bank or boat. You can catch Large and Small mouth bass, Northern Pike. Or you can try your luck at catching one of the elusive but fun Walleye, or maybe a Trout.

Hiking AND rock climbing

At Devils Lake you can hike on the 23 miles of trails cut in the 1900's and look at the beautiful views of the lake on safe solid ground. But for the more adventures type, you can climb rock faces and cliffs that overlook the amazing lake. You can stop at "Devils Doorway", a rock structure that is in the shape of, you guessed it a doorway.

A climber finding his path up a cliff

Swim on a sand beach

At devils lake there are many beaches but all let you do the same thing... swim. These beaches allow for a great place to relax in the water, tan, and picnic. All of the beaches are a great area to have fun with your family.

A beautiful day on the beach.

Recent News.

Devils lake recently had its 100 year celebration, where attendance spike higher tha average. The state park is trying to become a national park. And on Memorial Day attendance spiked higher than ever.

A great view of the lake.

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