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Awhum Nigeria Water Project

A few years ago Fr Felix, who was helping out for the summer at our local church in Wyckoff, brought to our attention a dream that he had nurtured from a very young age. Fr Felix and many children in his village had to walk many miles to the river to carry back water to his home - and had to do it before going to school early in the morning. He wanted to provide clean water to his village to improve health, allow children to focus more on their education and to ease the daily lives of the people in the village.

As a club, we were very moved and were determined to help make his dream come true. We assembled a small group of our members to lead the initiative by working with Rotary International, a local water non-profit run by Brian Murray and a local Nigerian Rotary club to make this dream a reality.

In the summer of 2017 the dream became a reality. As a club this is one of the most impactful projects we have been involved in as we bring fresh water to a village of close to 10,000 people for the first time. See a local video of the project below.

James R Ganley School

Colegio James R Ganley is a primary (k-6th) private school located in the northwest side of Juarez Mexico.

The school received the name Colegio James R. Ganley in honor of the son of Jim and Ann Ganley, a Wyckoff resident, who tragically lost his life in 2004.

Our club are happy to sponsor children in the school each year.

Gift of Life Surgeries

Our club both funds life-saving heart surgeries and our members have been hosts to many of the families whose children have received the surgery.

This video shows some of the recipients from the Philippines.

2nd Nigeria Water Project Obukpa

We are well underway for our second funded water project in Nigeria. Below are some photos from that initiative. An important component of the project is education of the local community on hygiene. Here the children have been given school books emphasizing the importance of hygiene for good health now that they have clean water.

The Obukpa water project should be completed during the summer of 2021 and we will upload more photos when it is complete. Construction is well under way.

Other Causes we Support

We support many other causes related to Education and Youth initiatives. We will be adding to the stories here in the coming months - stay tuned.