WW ll By:Yates Foster

World War 2 was a terrible war that killed many soldiers but killed even more jews
Adolf Hitler ruled Germany and was elected because he said he would get them out of the Depression. He made propaganda posters to make people think that the Jews were bad people and they were the reason that Germany was in the depression
Mussolini saw that the war could be a rise to power for his country in march 1919 he formed the fascist party Mussolini organized a group called the black shirts which terrorized political opponents and helped him come to power
Fransisco Franco became the ruler of Spain after the Spanish civil war. After he held military tribunals which killed tens of thousands of people he also outlawed all religions except for Catholicism.
His reign began in the October war of 1917 when the bloshvecks took over the tsar and created a communist society his industrialization of the Soviet Union caused the worst man made famine ever
Hideki Tojo began his reign in 1941 he decided to join the war with the U.S. and Britain. But later he attacked pearl harbor and joined the axis powers.
America was staying neutral during the war but after the attack on Pearl Harbor the us joined the allies

1939 German soldiers attack and take over Poland. In 1940 Germany attacked and conquered Britain. In 1941 Japan attacked and destroyed Pearl Harbor. On December 8 the U.S joined the war and the allies.


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