Sleeptopia Closest place to heaven on earth besides the temple


Sleeptopia will help you solve all of your problems. With Isaac approved sleep therapy. With the easiest schedule you could ever imagine life will be flawless. Sleeptopia is located in San Diego so you will never be cold. The only expense besides food is your yeezys, they must be real. You are encouraged to have more than 1 pair of yeezys.


In Sleeptopia you must apply and meet the following requirements. You must own a real pair of yeezys. You must have slept for 14 hours at least once in your lifetime. You must pay 15,000 dollars once when you are accepted for living expenses. You also must have a dog.

Mission Statement

Sleep is the core of happiness. No one will ever be tired again. Life will be better.

Daily Schedule

10 am wake up. 11 am Breakfast. 12pm-3pm lunch/free time. 3pm-5pm recreation. 5pm-6pm free time. 6pm-7pm dinner. 7pm-10pm free time. 10pm-10am sleep.


1. Must get 12 hours of sleep

2. Must wear yeezy's (real ones)

3. No Vegans

4. No Vegetarians

5. Must pay 15,000 dollars in expenses when you join the community

6. Must have comfortable clothing

7. Must have a dog

8.Must have gotten at least 14 consecutive hours of sleep one night before applying.

9. Must workout 2 hours a day.

10. Must use all 100 vacation days each year.


We are a DEMOCRACY!!! We believe in freedom of the people. Everyone has individual freedom and they can live how they want to live.

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