Tomorrowland Music Video

How can we win this war . There's no people 'round you no more I'm afraid of Tomorrowland , I'm afraid of Tomorrowland
Talent is dressed in a very utilitarian style, they march into the classroom on phones or tablets, and then they are seated staring directly into their screens.
Look of the teacher, very dominant & strong. When entering the classroom, not one student look of from their device.
Throughout the piece the kids will be at their computers or devices, but you will see an occasional glitch on the screen.
Adonis- Think in the vein of anonymous and the groups that are trying to break the powers that be, to show that people are people and the world can be a great place.
He sends off a message or a virus, that causes...
Computers and devices start to crash.
Kids coming together in a place where they can just be kids, should have a bright colorful, high energy feeling.


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