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Born in Johor Bahru, Bred in Kuala Lumpur and 18 years young.Expectation from this module is to gain knowledge on how to fully utilize new media and put whatever learnt, to good use in the near future.Feel some type of love for the human brain, easily inspired by movement and take a deep interest in the field of creative arts especially in the areas of photography and filmmaking. To pursue a career in documenting real life events for a living would be a dream.




The meaning of the word "PLAY" is to engage in an activity for enjoyment rather than a serious purpose. So we took its literal meaning and applied it to the digital world, specifically mobile games. We decided to take on the highly-rated candy crush and swapped their animated jewel candies to classic candy shell skittles. In order to execute our concept, we had to convert everything that is digitalized in the app into something that is considered physical such as skittles. This is done in the video below through a suitable technique called stop-motion animation.

Group photo



(No. Not in a powerful way. In a misleading way. Just like the title.)

Have you ever felt so confident about your work that there is no need to take a second look at it? Well, you probably never have because let's be honest, most of us creatives are very much insecure in the work we produce but not for some. This does not necessarily mean a good thing, instead for the teams behind these “anti-drug” campaigns, it became unfortunate. Here are 5 “anti-drug” campaigns that puts in little to no focus on the harm of drugs and instead, focuses more on everything else which either contradicts the ‘supposedly’ intended message or simply just creates controversy.


PhotoCourtesy : AboveTheInfluence

As odd as this may sound, the TRUE message of this ad is to really spring for better quality weed. Here's what went wrong. Towards the end, the ad clearly says, don't LISTEN to your hallucinations BUT it didn't really say to AVOID these hallucinations. It basically speaks out to the audience to continue doing drugs but just be subtly aware of what KIND you take.


PhotoCourtesy : PDFA

Rap music, gold chains and police who are not very good at catching the druggies are all paramount elements for this PDFA campaign, which also manages to say “you make a lotta money and you make it fast.” How off-putting. Oh yes and you know what else is TERRIBLY off-putting? How the drug dealers and the druggies are all coloured and the cops are all white.


PhotoCourtesy : DailyMail

They TRIED SO HARD to adapt to youths and social media trends with sloths as their 'mascot' and the SUPPOSEDLY catchy term, "#StonerSloth" but honestly, terribly failed. In the party scene, teenagers appear to be drinking from the significant red cups, which suggest that they ARE drinking. They’re saying it’s OK and cool to drink and that you are normal but weed is bad. Science proves that alcohol is SO much worse in many ways. You can't possibly go against science can you?


PhotoCourtesy : DrugCzar

Relating things to terrorism is never a good idea. Really? I mean...honestly, how does it EVEN relate? Both can kill but it kills in COMPLETELY different ways. Yes many were affected by the 9/11 incident but trying to equate usage of drugs with hardcore terrorism gives a perfect mix of guilt and ignorance that had absolutely NO effect on anyone. PLUS, using a little girl for such controversial things just adds fuel to fire. No one wants more of that.


PhotoCourtesy : PDFA

What is more racist than depicting coloured people with tribal drums? What is even more racist than having an announcer mention "African Americans never surrendered. Until they were free. Don't dishonour them by becoming a slave to heroin. Make no mistake, drug abuse is the new slavery"? Well yeah. This video really speaks for itself. It deserves no further explanation. This is just racist. SUPER RACIST.

Moral of the lesson is that always ALWAYS review your work. Its not as simple as just pairing it up with an in-trend issue and you are all set to go. No matter how good you think your content is, it will never be enough especially when your dealing with controversial issues *ahem* RACISM *ahem*. Lets all just keep it subtle but powerful...yeah. Thats about right. Subtle but powerful.


CONCEPT: The main concept is to show different facts from different sides of the anti-drug campaign and how the nation is not entirely united because of Duterte's plan. Hence, the division in the middle divided by the Philippine flag itself, taken from the background and it is subtly noticable on how the flag is currently withhold by Duterte and his words.



Wawet, Connie & I

Mobile App Name: WAWET (WhatAreWeEatingToday)

We as Malaysians rely mostly on two things, food and technology. Merging these two together will help us make better decisions in choosing what to eat with the help of the digital world. The concept behind this mobile app is to improve/solve the problem of making the never-ending tough decisions on where/what to eat. Hence the name of this mobile app, WAWET which stands for the classic reoccurring question, "What Are We Eating Today? ".

This app is able to help you make your final food decision by giving you two approaches to choose from; the filter method or the recommendations approach.

Splash Screen

This page shows you the logo of our WAWET app and what the acronym stands for. The background picture shows a chaotic flatlay of a dish in the making which reflects the way we make our final decision on what to eat; without valid purpose. This then looks back upon the aim of the WAWET app, to turn your unpurposeful food decisions into valid ones.

User Login

This page is for users to Login to their personal WAWET account. Users can choose whether to Login/Register using their own creative username or through Facebook or Google, which can save time since the basic information can be retrieved from those accounts.

Home Page

This page contains the search button at the top and navigation menu at the bottom which help users to have an easier experience in navigating through the app. The top part of this page contains a slideshow that shows trending food choices around the area you live in. This helps users to easily see and possibly helps them make faster choices by only accessing the first page of the app. In the bottom half of the page, there are two buttons that access to two methods that helps you narrow down your food choices. By pressing on the button, it will bring you to the other two pages.

Filter Page

This page helps users to get to their final decision by filtering their choices through three categories; location, type of cuisine and price range. The location category is based on the states in Malaysia. The type of cuisine is based on what kind of cuisine you prefer to eat. The price range caters to your budget. These 3 categories are 3 main ones that people tend to ignore but are the 3 aspects of decision making that is easiest to use to narrow down your choices. If users still can't choose through the categories, the next best option would be a random approach located below the categories.

Recommendation Page

This page also helps users to make their final decision but uses another popular method. This approach focuses on the trending and top-rated food from all over Malaysia. Some foodies would rather hunt for food that is already out there rather than finding secret treasures. If they prefer eating something that is popular amongst their friends and is guaranteed good by the public, then this approach is suitable for them.

Profile Page

This last page is the profile page. This allows users to see their foodie points and the past reviews they have done to obtain those foodie points. Other than that, it also contains a little bit of insight on the user as well, showing where he/she is from and also able to share a quote that is related to food. This page is the only page to give acces to settings which gives the user the freedom to slightly customize the app to their own needs.


art: (NAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE ) Sago | (COMMUNITY INTEREST) For people who are looking to use fashion as a tool to paint their self-portrait | (OBJECTIVES) To reveal to society that everyone has the freedom to wear anything; To encourage people that they are who they are when they like what they are wearing (VIDEO CONCEPT & IDEA) A collision between the perfect & imperfect ; Smooth & Static shots; Focusing on aesthetic styles with combinations of bold colours.





RoboSurfer. This chat sticker obtains the concept of "merge". Initially the idea came about by just staring out as a cardboard box head character. It then evolved into a robot concept from the inspiration of having a sturdy top-half. The human aspect came about when the thought of situations where technology and human nature collide. Finally, the surfer approach came into play to accommodate to the significant approach of clarifying the top half of the body and also to put more story into the character. by adding an occupation. The surfer is evident in RoboSurfer's story as his one and only love is his surfboard.



(1) Sleepy

RoboSurfer looks at his surfboard with admiration and falls asleep on it as it gives him a sense of calm.

(2) Happy

RoboSurfer looks at his surfboard with admiration and jumps for joy and sneaks in a little bit of happy dancing with his one and only surfboard.

(3) Sad

RoboSurfer's one and only surf board broke into half. After a moment, he only realizes that it is actually hapenning. He then kneels down in front of his surfboard and breaks down.

(4) Working

RoboSurfer is known to be obsessed with surfboards. His furniture and workplace is all inspired by it. It also brings in motivation at times when he needs it the most.

(5) Angry

Sometimes RoboSurfer lets his anger take over him. He can go into places where he doesn't think about his surfboards at all. When RoboSurfer breaks his surfboard with his own hands, things are really serious.

(6) Confused

RoboSurfer will always have a surfboard in his hand. It is rare for him to have two. So situations where another just pops up, he just wanders what is happening and is confused of the moment.
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