Russian National Day by Nate Curtiss

The Russian National day is a holiday created to celebrate the end of world war 2 and to grieve for the 27 million Russian soldiers that gave their lives to defend their country.

During the National Day parade Russian soldiers dress in dress in 1945 uniforms and fly the soviet flag through Moscow
The soldiers will lay roses on a platform as a tribute to fallen soldiers and carry it through the city, it is referred to as the 'feast that brings tears to your eyes'
Dances on National day are usually traditional Slovick dances and the clothes are Traditional where from 195
as the day ends and the speeches stop one of the final events the entire Moscow defense force of Moscow marches through dressed in the uniforms of the russian soldiers of world war 2
National day is meant to honor Russia as a people who are unconquerable and can never be beaten into submission. And to give tribute to the people who gave their lives so Russia could live.

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