Photography Challenge By: Samantha Parra

My favorite photos

Framing/ Framing is using the environment to frame the photo around and gives the viewer an eye catching photo to see.


Cropping/ Removing extra background sections and focusing more on the subject.


Black and White/No contrast in colour shown in the photo. The contrast is shown between different types of greys.

Experimental shots

Experimentation: Trying out different angles and lighting to capture the subject but in different shots and seeing which turned out the best.

Rule of 1/3's

Rule of 1/3's/ Lining up the subject with one or multiple third lines to capture your subject from the side view.

Symmetry and Pattern

Symmetry and Pattern/Adding symmetry and patterns in a photo makes it eye catching and easier for us to notice

Forced perspective

Forced perspective/Making something seem what it doesn't seem. Making the subject appear smaller, closer, bigger, or further away then what it actually is without manipulating it.

Background/ It is what gives the subject contrast and makes the subject pop-out of what is going on in the background of the photo.

Paparazzi/ Take photos of celebrities and they sell the photos to magazines and tabloids. No formal education required. You need to have knowledge of photography and know were celebrities will be. Your average pay for this job is 10,000.


depth/The focal point of the subject and what is drawn to ones eye. The subject is center of attention with no background 'noise'.

Sports Photographer/ Take photos sports games going on. Your average pay is $10,000-$20,000.

Close up perspective

Close up perspective/ Getting an upclose shot of your subject and showing all the detail the subject has.

Balancing elements/Placing your main subject off- centre, like the rule of thirds it creates a more interesting photo, you need to balance the weight of the object and filling in the space around it.

Product Photographer/ Take photos for different companies. There will never be a shortage of photos to take but theirs not much room for creativity. Your average pay for this job is $40,000-$50,000.

Viewpoint (high)

Viewpoint (high)/ Looking down on the subject or from the birds eye view. Taking the photo from the normal distance away rather than in a different angle.

Astrophotographer/ Taking photos of the sky and space. Taking pictures of new never before seen stuff and there’s lots of room for creativity. Your averge pay is between $40,000 to $100,000.

Viewpoint (low)

Viewpoint (low)/ Capturing the subject from a low angle showing off the detail or making the subject appear bigger than what it seems.

Medical photographer/ Take pictures of patients during surgery or of an injury. A lot of the photos are going to repeat themselves, so there’s not much room for creativity. Average pay is between $41k and $59k.

Leading lines

Leading lines/ Leading lines are drawn to the eye. They are natural lines that are going in a straight direction leading to a certain point.

War or photojournalist photographer/ Take photos of war zones, or the aftermath of wars. The really only difficult thing about this job is getting into war zones to photograph. Your average pay is $17k- $63k


Movement/ Capturing a photo right when there is movement. Taking the photo of the aftermath of the impact.

Wildlife photographer/ You take photos of wildlife and their natural habitats. This job is really fun but also difficult. Your average pay is $28,000.


Lighting/ lighting is the illumination of scenes to be photographed. A photograph simply records patterns of light, colour, and shade. Lighting is all-important in controlling the image.

Stock photographer/ You will photograph stock photos for everyday tasks, actions or objects. Your average earning for this job is extremely small. The difficulty for this job is 6/10 which isn't too difficult considering your pay.


Story/ The photo in itself tells a story without having to read the actual story behind the photo. It is all there for interpretation on what happened.

Fashion photographer/ You will be photographing clothes and other things for brands. You make about $59,000 for your average earning. This career is 9/10 in difficulty but shouldn't be too hard once you begin working in it.

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