why we need a good leader according to MACHIAVELLI

but before we talk about the good lets look at the bad and the ugly (no pun intended) in the eyes of a Machiavellian leader.

These leaders are crafty. They’re artists and their masterpiece is the result of the crafty use of wiliness and trickery. They have excessive and exaggerated feelings of self-importance. Don’t be fooled, Self-interest is the most often and valid impetus of most conscious action for the narcissist. however in the eyes of Machiavelli these are the exact characteristics that make a "good leader"

but in the mind of Machiavelli, being a prince is all a game and the better you are at it the better a prince you become. even if at times it means to be cunning and crafty.

in the prince (written by Machiavelli) Machiavelli outlines a clear picture when covering what a prince should look like

but he doesn't cover what you should be wearing or what makeup you should be putting on that day.
no its much deeper than that, it is not essential, then, that a Prince should have all the good qualities of leadership, but it is most essential that he should seem to have them

so basically make it seem like we are good people even if we are for the good of the people

does that make you question whether machiavellie is a good person? lets talk about that in the good.
i think Machiavelli opened new ways of thought for those in 15th century power. Machiavelli thought for the best of the people rather than the prince.
so weather you are good, bad, or just plain ugly, that doesn't mean you cant be a fantastic prince.


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