April 2021 members newsletter


Let us start with a few pictures for a change? These relate to Tuesday March 30th but were not available at the time of the report.

L/r Jing, Monique, Corinna.
L/r Michael Kruppa, Peter, Derek, Thomas.

Then, jumping forward to now, April, but not a members’ event, there came the annual Summum Open which is mentioned because twelve of our members did support it and had an enjoyable day. There are no shortage of prizes usually but none came the way of our menfolk, pictorially represented below by:

L/r Martin, Peter, Damien, Pat.

Nor our lady entrants either but they were happy to pose for a promotional picture?

L/r Loraine Murphy, Kate Bradley, Sonya Foster, Corinna Dawkins.

The reason our entrants came away empty handed is understandable when the winning score was 52 Stableford points!! Good to see the new handicap system working well?


What a glorious day of weather to kick start our weekend social competitions? Everyone raved about it. The ladies were less effusive about playing off the white tees but managed to play their required part in the rules. In the end the leading scores were:

1st 55.9 points l/r Ed de Kloe, Monique Peters, Martin & Corinna Dawkins.
2nd 56.5 points l/r Peter Penney, Peter Edstrom, Paul Robinson, Peter Bradley.
3rd 57 points l/r Barry Curran, Loraine Murphy, Peter Marler, Pat Reid.
L/r: Nearest the pin winners included Corinna, Martin, Mervi, Paul Robinson (absent). Each getting a box of chocolates.

“Kate then had a special Lucky Losers’ prize so, because it was Easter Sunday, chocolates and Easter eggs proliferated. After which, at the end of a beautiful day, drinks and merriment continued.”


If you haven’t done so already please make a note of Sunday June 6th in your diary. CUDECA Fund Raising Competition and Social occasion. Caz Rosselli has sent out the details but will be pleased to hear from interested parties, especially if they have tee sponsorship in mind, or saleable items to stock up the tombola stall and auction merriment.


Two former captains shared the honours on Europa, Tuesday 6/4 on yet another beautiful golfing weather day. Each registered 41 Stableford points and suffered a 0.7 handicap trim. In her last competition before returning to Germany Jing Kruppa’s 38 said ‘au revoir’ in a positive reminder of how well she has been playing during her longer than usual stay in La Cala. In third place came Marie Wilson, also on 38 but edged out of the runner up spot on handicap. Marie has only been back five minutes but already making her mark. Well done the ladies. All good scores.

Mention might be made also of Karin Luxon whose 35 was an excellent score off her low handicap and playing off the blue tees.

L/r Monique and Jing.

Thomas, a clear cut winner on the day, was followed home by Cees Lagerwerf 36, and separated on handicap only, Peter Robinson, whose name it is good to see in the upper echelons again.


Winners from Tuesday 6/4 l/r Marie Wilson, Monique Peters, Thomas Widegren.

Pat “Ever on the Rostron” Reid stepped out of the shadows to win with 39 points, while Ed de Kloe and Ultan Whelan tied with 37 and had to be separated on handicap.

Corinna Dawkins, who freely admitted to a poor Tuesday round, was back to her smiling self again as she went up to collect her voucher for an excellent 40 points. Overall she has had a month or so to remember with pleasure. Monique came second with 36 and Karin Luxon third on 34. Unusually all six players were grouped together by Peter, resulting in the following:

L/r Ultan Whelan, Ed de Kloe, Pat Reid, Karin Luxon, Corinna Dawkins, Monique Peters.


At home, on a flat course, an opportunity to carry and no need for pondering over club choice, it having all been done. It was a personal favourite format and invariably produced a decent score. Not quite the same here in the Himalayas and, come Sunday 11/4 on Europa, a bit surprising/disappointing to see such a thin field. A mere 21 players including three 3-balls. Which explains why my arrival with camera at the ready was too late! Prize giving was over. Play had been quicker than expected and Peter Bradley proved no slouch with his mobile phone. Mind you he only had to take two pictures.


A strong bid by Justin Rose but in the end it was Hideki Matsuyama who stole the world’s sporting headlines, and the hearts of his countrymen, by winning the Green Jacket at August this month. Only by one stroke, but enough to realise the potential quietly bubbling away for the past ten years.


One hesitates to even touch on the subject, and certainly a bit early to start humming the theme tune of the Champions League, but wouldn’t it be great if the Hammers qualified for next year? David Moody might not agree. Nor Arthur O’Connor or Mike Fisher, but Richard Hinds would join me in a chorus or two to be sure.


On Campo Europa the focus of 40 members was on the Medal competition, Tuesday 13/4 but, a few kilometres further south, a quartet of owners spent almost two hours waiting patiently outside the Medical Centre. Well, Sonya and Loraine braved the elements. Scribbler and wife, elderly beings, sat inside until, with the invaluable aid of the two very kind ladies, we were registered for the vaccine and given a jab tee off time for the following afternoon.

Meanwhile, back on the golf course, in the absence of several familiar faces now returned to their homelands, a number of DQR’s were recorded, as were some decent scores. Isabella Rippinger’s nett 71 won her the premier position amongst the ladies but will her imminent move to Portugal stop her playing in the Finals? We shall see. Laura Thompson 74, Jill Davies 75, and Marie Wilson 75 also, followed her on the ladies’ leaderboard.

L/r Jill, Isabella, Laura.

As a ‘punishment’ for his excellent 68 Cees Lagerwerf is now down to 11.6 and is to be congratulated on a fine performance. Again! The next three each registered a 70 and were separated by handicap only. Hugo Verheyen, playing well recently, David Evans and Peter Bradley, in that order.


This inescapable, controversial, confusing subject occupied a rather disappointing number of members in the clubhouse on Wednesday afternoon 14/4. Deduct those present who might reasonably claim to be knowledgeable about the new rules and it must go down as a missed opportunity for the many who still mumble and grumble about the complexities of the system. Our Handicap Secretary kindly gave a commendable presentation embracing the key issues taken from the 115 page booklet which goes into the really heavy stuff. David Wilson dwelt on 15 of the 40 definitions available to the keen-on-rules-brigade and did so with obvious depth of knowledge of, and support for, the new system which claims to be world wide but clearly isn’t – yet?

A vaccine date at the Medical Centre prevented Scribbler from staying for the Q and A session, dominated, it is later learned, by Thomas Widegren and Jan Debrauwer, both of whom struggled a bit with the answers. Perhaps not surprisingly, but no reflection on David, because the rank and file member might not have been able to follow many of the variations by which their handicap is established. One thing was emphasised. If you want to check your scoring record you MUST have the RFEG app. Everything else relevant to WHS can be found on the internet. Where else?


The Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral was the first TV Lilian has ‘seen’ for some months, thanks to a chair positioned half a metre from the screen, and what a wonderful coverage it was? The colour, pageantry, discipline, scenery, music, readings, solemnity and, not least, the lovely, sunny weather? No more than Prince Philip, the Queen and his family, deserved.


Teams selected by the above mentioned did battle on Europa, Sunday 18/4, and we are indebted to Kate Bradley for the following report:

“It was a beautifully sunny day for the Captains v Vice Captains game although a late withdrawal of the Lady Captain due to a lower back injury saw Damien head out on his own to play against Peter and Kate. The Captain however rose to the challenge and had an outstanding 42 points which then doubled to 84 to crush the Vice Captains. Another back injury caused the withdrawal of Thomas Widegren leaving poor Libby to try and continue. The result was a No Return card so as it turned out this made a huge difference to the final score. Although the game finished in a 5 all draw, the resulting scores saw the Vice Captains win by 595 to 588.

The jubilant winners.

Marie Wison began the selling of raffle tickets for the Cudeca Cup and was extremely successful in her endeavours. Marie will be grabbing all you members to be generous and help support this very fine charity which has struggled terribly this past year. Please buy generously when approached. If anyone would like to donate something for the Auction we would be very grateful."


“Tuesday 20/4 started off as a beautiful, calm, sunny day on Europa but, by approximately 14.30, the wind got up quite ferociously giving the earlier players a most definite advantage. However, despite this, some of the later starters did pretty well.”

So commented Kate Bradley before gently padding out the basic scores already appearing on our web site. Further argument for a more frequent newsletter or, my obvious preference, a magic cure for my persistent ailments and a return to the playing fields! Action pictures, access to the banter, comments on the quality of the courses, just being part of things. All would make for more than “Fred scored 40 and was cut 0.2” ? Meanwhile, pushing day dreaming aside, back to Kate.

”Hugo Verheyen came up trumps in the men’s competition with 36 points earning him a 0.3 cut in handicap. followed by Cees and newly returned Vic Hilliard both with 34 points although Cees won on handicap and both received a 0.1 cut. Ever colourful Keith Luxon also came in with 34 points and he got 0.1 back... such is the workings of the new WHS.

The ladies saw three faces who are regularly in the top echelons of our Ladies’ Stableford Competition. Isabella was pipped into third place by Lilly Lagerwerf both with 34 points, but the outstanding winner with an amazing 40 points and received a cut of 0.2… well done Jill.”

The only two on parade l/r Vic & Jill.


Upcycle your things. Learn photography. Volunteer. Learn to play the guitar. Do stand-up comedy. Try rock climbing. Get your groove on with dancing. Do giant jigsaws. Build electronics. Improve your Spanish. Learn to crotchet. Or do what most people appear to do judging by these pictures!


We speak of week 16 only, having dwelt on this subject in previous newsletters. Earth Day – environmental protection. World Book Day – born in Catalonia, recognised by Unesco in 1995. Queen’s birthday – a remarkable 95 years old. Obscuring all though = St. George’s Day on the 23rd.

Tony Bryant has written an interesting piece in the ‘Sur in English’ which casts doubts on St.George’s achievements in life, reveals that he was beheaded on 23/4/303 AD and makes one wonder why or how he became the patron saint of England, Catalonia, Aragon and Cáceres? The legend of descending from Heaven to fight the dragon probably helped and our members will have been disappointed that inclement weather caused the annual trophy encounter between the two ancient protagonists, scheduled for Sunday 25/4, to be postponed.

On a more personal level April 23rd remains in mind because it marks the death of my mother in Nassau, Bahamas, back in 1993. My late brother Peter, wife Margaret, Lilian and myself were all bedside when she left us. There were no signs of any dragons but she had seen off a few in her time.


As one of that rare breed who never look at weather forecasts intentionally it still came as no surprise to learn that Sunday’s 25/4 competition on Europa was in serious doubt. To add to the uncertainty there was a storm in the night. Quite a few forecast fans had already dropped out so the Sign Up sheet looked a bit sorry for itself come the morning. Only four 4-balls and two 3-balls = 22 players. But all determined to play come what meteorologically may. The clubhouse vote to support Peter & Kate Bradley’s “Let’s go” was unanimous and off they all set for the 10.00 shotgun start. They did not escape entirely in that there was a short sharp downfall but overall the conditions were manageable. Indeed the sun shone its way into the act from time to time. There were only two prizes up for grabs but it was nice to be back on camera duty again.

1st 96 points l/r David Wilson, Marie Wilson, Libby Robinson, Peter Edstrom.
2nd 94 points l/r Peter Bradley, Pauline Hilliard, Sonya Foster, Vic Hilliard.

It was good to see Carol Rees there, and the Hilliards back from differing spells in England following the sad death of Pauline’s mother.


Scribbler happily moves to the wings as our Lady Captain again displays her energy and enthusiasm for her role as Lady Captain. 'Better late than never' is a well worn phrase but seldom more appropriate than now when the April edition is struggling for meaningful content. Her tables, for example, make interesting reading, showing as they do husband and wife teams leading the way and probably hard to dislodge in their playing absence.

"The first 6 months of the Medal League have now been played and the qualifying players for the Medal Final - due to take place on Tuesday 26th October are:

The Stableford League has seen some interesting changes in the top 10 and the current leaders are as follows:

It will be interesting to watch progress over the coming months as better scores take their place in the players top 12 scores !

May brings with it a slew of Trophies to be played for during "May Festival":

It is also the first chance our Captains have been able to arrange an Away Day trip - everyone is invited to join in but places are limited so sign up on the member system before 5th May.!

One of our most prestigious upcoming trophies is the celebration of the 28th Joan & Peter Stock Memorial Trophy - a board event first played for in 1993 - in memory of Joan's husband Peter Stock - Joan was a formidable lady and was instrumental in the set up of the first Cudeca Cup in 2000.

2020 is the year that never really happened and so the committee are looking forward to welcoming all members to sign up and take part in these events during May Festival.

Diary Dates

Sunday 6th June - Cudeca Cup & BBQ

As Cudeca is not state funded they are 100% reliant on donations to maintain the hospice beds. As the only hospice in Málaga they have particularly suffered since March 2020 as all fundraising events had to be cancelled and the Cudeca shops closed completely decimating their income streams.

There are a number of ways you can help:

  • Raffle tickets are now on sale at the club ...don’t worry .. we will find you!
  • Watch out for the yellow Cudeca sunflowers on sale as well - both in the golf shop and at the bar !
  • Sponsor a hole - in memory of a loved one or to promote a local business. (Please contact our Club Treasurer Caz Rosselli for further information).
  • We will collect all those horrible little coins (shrapnel) that you don’t know what to do with !

We appreciate that it is an impossible task to raise as much money this year as we have in previous years due to lower numbers but... every little bit helps !

Start by signing up for the golf competition..and for the BBQ lunch - invite friends to join you ...and have paper money ready to buy the raffle tickets & sunflowers and don’t forget to ask your local business contacts for vouchers or prizes that can be auctioned or raffled to raise much needed funds !

Don't worry if you are not here in Spain - we will set up a video link so you can join in on the day...and we will send out a list of the auction items beforehand so you can get your bids in...you can also still buy your raffle tickets and of course, sponsor a hole... Cudeca needs you.

This is the link on the www.lacala.com website to sign up for the Cudeca Day & BBQ:

A fun day for a good cause - all to raise funds for our chosen club charity.

Saturday 17th July - The Roaring 20's

2020 never really happened so - we want to finally welcome in the 20's with a return to the fun and glamour of the 1920's !!

The 1920s trend .... Loose-fitting styles, like chemise and tea dresses, Prada and Miu Miu ....a return to glamour by way of sequins and shine a la Carolina Herrera.

Jazz-Age flappers flouted Prohibition laws and the Harlem Renaissance redefined arts and culture.

Flappers of the 1920s were women known for their energetic freedom, embracing a lifestyle viewed by many at the time as outrageous, immoral or downright dangerous.! (sounds familiar!)

One of the popular forms of entertainment was to go out dancing to jazz music. New dances included the Charleston, the Shimmy, and the Black Bottom.

This was a time of excess – think of The Great Gatsby – so drab suits just wouldn’t do. Men increasingly wore tuxedos with white waistcoats for parties, or sharply-tailored suits in softer, more expensive materials during the day. In this interwar period, fashion was a way of showing off how much money you had.

It's a time to get out of the golf gear and switch it up a gear...don't say you didn't know....men simply wore a pair of pants, suspenders, vest, shirt, shoes, and hat "a la Peaky Blinders" so you can start planning your outfits now !

(Event will follow recommended Covid safety regulations).

Hole in One

While unable to get back to Spain ..golf goes on..

Tuesday 27th April - Dina Zharova-Berbner

"My first official hole in one at Wisley ! 146 yards into the wind , 'The Mill' 7th hole - over water ))) happy !!!" "


April, and the newsletter, came to an abrupt end when these two words appeared at the head of the Sign Up sheet on Tuesday 27/4. Not unexpectedly, true, although no sign of the promised storm at time of typing. Plenty of heavy rain was both forecast and delivered, albeit spasmodically during the night.