Unmasking Insanity By: Aarushi Vashistha

During the 1800s, corruption was inching under the streets of many major streets around the country. Nellie Bly, a journalist for the New York World, helped expose much of this dishonesty with a technique no journalist have ever used before. This new way of journalism boosted the amount of exposure occurring, making people quickly aware of how big of a fraud the government was.

Nellie Bly vastly improved the conditions in mental asylums by forcing government regulations, going undercover as a patient, and publishing a book.

nellie bly was successful in getting the government into funding $1,000,000 for fixing conditions in mental asylums around the country.
Though, she had no physical proof, her book, experiences, and some of the patients were enough proof to convince the government of this falsehood.
Nellie bly discovered that Women were forced to live among 5 or 6 other women in each room.
She also realized a majority of these women were housewives being wrongfully punished by their husbands.
nellie bly published 10 days in a madhouse after she left blackwell's island asylum.
her personal experiences, her views, and what she saw or heard from others were all mentioned in her book.
her book left a strong impact on many people's lives, and let society know the truth about the conditions patients were forced to live in for the rest of their lives
Nellie bly exposed many cracks and breaks in society, and saved the lives of many, starting off with mental asylum patients.
Nellie Bly also started a new way of journalism, inspiring other journalists to expose dishonesty in society by going undercover, witnessing, and living in those corrupt conditions for good periods of time.


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