Save the Arts By: Paige Smith

Lead Paragraph

The fight is on to save art programs in schools ,especially after a recent announcement made by President Donald Trump planning to cut cultural programs to reduce the nation's defcit. Exposing young students to the visual arts enables them for problem solving and creativity. For many students the arts provides away to free their minds and escape their realities for just a second. It is so many talented young people who have a passion for the visual arts and should not be deprived of their passion due to lack of funding, and popularity.

The Art Station located in Kennesaw, GA, provides a haven for kids of all ages to take art lessons. They recently held a Middle School Masters art show on March 9,2017.
Cultural Affairs Division Director, Vanita Keswani is preparing for the middle school art show.

I had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Keswani about the downward trend of art programs and the President's plan to cut cultural funding. " I feel saddened and frustrated because the repercussions of this action will affect the education system, or economy and the ability communicate effectively to a multiude of populations that build the diversity of this nation." said Keswani. The importance of the middle school art show was showcase the raw talent these students have and it gave them an opportunity to have their art featured in a gallery setting.

"The maker", created by Andrew Cole who attends Awtrey Middle School.
Shoe art created by Misen.
This piece is titled "mixed". Created by Tessa Van Bunnick who attends Awtrey Middle School.
Entitled " Recycled Assemblage", created by Bradley Stamper. Stamper attends Lost Moutain Middle School.
A group of students taking a lesson on how to create abstract lines.
This piece was created by Sara Lionberger . She attends Simpson Middle School.
A middle school artist standing by her artwork as her mom is taking pictures of her.
This art piece was created by Natalie Wallace. She attends Lost Mountain Middle School
More attendees admiring the works of the young artist

In conclusion, art is important because children gain a confidence, understanding of the world and direction in their lives through the arts. Ms. Kaswani has seen many of her former students become curators,graphic designers, art teachers and commercial advertising designers. She plans to do anything possible to make sure students have the option to explore their creativity if inspired to do so.

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