Asbestos Roof Encapsulation A Prokol pure polyurea coating for roof revival

Pure polyurea encapsulation meant that we could extend the life of this asbestos roof - making it serviceable and safe for the years ahead

This busy branch of high street bank HSBC is housed in an historic building with a patchwork of roof areas , comprising various materials installed over the years. When the roof began to fail amid further concerns over the safety of the asbestos cement corrugated sheets, we were called in. The live nature of the building meant that a full roof rip-off was to be avoided, so our solution was to clean, repair and coat the existing roof areas with a watertight pure polyurea membrane.

Here's what we did to bring this contaminated and aged roof back to life...

The original roof, with a hotch-potch of asbestos sheeting, tiles and felt in various states of disrepair.

Following asbestos testing, the next task was to clean the roof of debris and botanical growth using specialist closed-box equipment. This method ensures that all hazardous material is safely contained and disposed of. Although the roof areas were in relatively good condition, some repairs were necessary. Once completed, the roofs were primed with specially developed Prokol products designed to promote maximum adhesion of the final coating.

Following repairs and priming, the first area of the asbestos roofing is spray-coated with Prokol pure polyurea

With the quick-drying primers set, the roofs were ready for spray-application of the Prokol pure polyurea final waterproof membrane. Our skilled operatives applied this hotspray coating to 2.5mm dry film thickness (DFT) to form a seamless membrane designed to keep out anything the glorious British weather can throw at it! No joins, no seams, no weak areas - just a robust coating that'll last for decades to come.

Sealed, tidy, smart - and safe: The new encapsulated asbestos roof
Good as new. Except better, as this roofing system comes with 30 year workmanship and product warranties.

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