Memorable Quotes 2016 in our own words


I am living the dream


I would like vaseline to be recognized as a benefit


Your numbers are totally wrong. These are microseconds: to get seconds, you have to divide by 1024 x 1024, understood?


Let me make sure I understand that: you are telling me that if you have to work more, that implies I have to pay you more?


My project management skills are impressive! A few years ago I managed to successfully have delivered to my family - they live out of the country - a few Zippos and the lighter fluid.


I can only make 1 beer with you guys, I have practice tonight. (eventually left 5 hours later)


I need you to put together an imprecise solution that is accurate. You know what I mean?


Can you tell me when it failed? Well... It would be easier to tell you when it worked.


This piece of software effectively implements a best-in-breed spiral configuration


It is way smarter to remain silent and be thought a fool, rather than speak and remove all doubts


When you are going through hell... keep going!


Don't confuse me with all these facts: my mind is already made up!


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