The School Newsletter Week 5, Term 2 2020

What's Coming Up

Monday 1 June: All students return to full time face-to-face teaching.

Friday 5 June: Welcome back celebration and fundraiser - (see details within)

From the Principal

Next week we will resume full time face-to-face teaching, although tomorrow we will have all of our students back together for a day. We are certainly looking forward to welcoming them back. Leanne Hyland has organised a blessing song to begin our day tomorrow. It is a beautiful song which reminds us that, throughout these difficult times, we can turn to God for comfort. The Year 1 students will accompany the singing with some actions. Have a look at the song at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiWZXLsdE9w.

In spite of our full time return to school, we will continue to exercise caution in regard to relaxing any restrictions which are aimed at ensuring the health of our students and staff.

Throughout the period of learning from home – and throughout the last few weeks of both face-to-face teaching and learning from home - the students have been very patient, very understanding and very accommodating in regard to the demands that have been placed upon them. From my observations, the three most significant challenges for the students have been:

  1. Anxiety about not being able to keep up with the academic demands of learning from home.
  2. The isolation from their social networks and extended family networks.
  3. The interruption to their routines, which include not only their school routines but also the routines associated with sport and other interests.

The teachers and support staff are addressing these issues with the students and their parents. In the meantime, the staff would like to mark the full time return to school with a “Welcome Back” celebration for the students on Friday next week (5th June). The day will begin with the normal routine of lessons until lunchtime. The day will then proceed as follows:

Welcome Back Celebration: COVID-19 APPEAL

  • 11.05: Lunch; Every student will be given a sausage sandwich, a mini muffin and a drink.
  • 12.20: Games: Students will rotate to different stations.
  • 1.35: Recess. The students will need to bring their own afternoon tea.
  • 2.10: Tug-o-war: The students will compete in a knockout series of tug-o-war contests to determine the champion team. Each team will be made up of students from Kindergarten to Year 6.
  • 2.55: Home.

The games and the tug-o-war (only nine students per team) will be planned to ensure limited physical contact between the students.

Our school would like to use this opportunity to offer support to some vulnerable communities in the world that are most susceptible to the effects of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, we are asking the students to donate towards Caritas’ COVID-19 appeal. A gold coin from each student would be great, but given that the school is funding the students’ lunches on that day, some of you might consider digging a little deeper for this worthy cause. You would be surprised at how little it costs to provide clean water, soap, health supplies, community food barns and protective equipment for frontline workers in vulnerable communities in places such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For more information about Caritas’ COVID-19 appeal, go to https://bit.ly/36gsqNY. Thank you in anticipation of your support for communities that have been hardest during this pandemic.

Have a good week.

Peter Green.

First round offers Kinder 2021

The enrolment period for Kindergarten 2021 officially closes this Friday (29 May 2020), although we will continue to accept enrolment applications beyond that date. Offers of places in Kindergarten 2021 will be sent out next week.

Enrolments are still open for 2021 - Encourage your friends and family to apply today!


As per the Compass message sent out last week, could all parents and carers of the Year 1 students ensure that hey bring to school tomorrow a toy or some other object from home that can be held in one hand by your child (i.e. something that will fit easily onto scales for weighing). Thank you.


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the cancellation of the pupil-free day on Friday 31st July. It will be school as usual on that day. Apologies for any inconvenience that this causes.

A social story for returning to school

We are so glad that school will be returning to school full time next week.

Some students will be super excited to be back at school everyday, but for some students it may cause some worry. Below is social story that may help our students make sense of the return to school.

We understand that the some students are finding it hard to say goodbye to their parents at the school gate. We will try to ensure we have a staff member at the gate to greet the students in the first week back full time.

Please contact your child's class teacher or the Learning Support teacher Rachel Wright if you require further support with your child in returning to school.


As a caring community we would like to continue to offer our support to the Santamaria family by maintaining their lawns for the rest of the year. If you can offer your help, it would be greatly appreciated. Please click on the link below where you will be taken to a lawn mowing roster, where you can volunteer to help on a particular Saturday.


Copies of this poster have been displayed in every classroom to remind the students and staff of their responsibilities in controlling the spread of the virus.


News From the Home front

Another week of home learning has provided lots of new experiences for everyone. Below are each teacher's reports with work samples and photos of tasks that have happened in each class.


Kindergarten Superstars

In Science we have been learning about the Weather and the Seasons. Brayson used the Seesaw tools to label the seasons of the year and to decorate the trees to match the seasons.

This week we listened to a story called "The Nowhere Box' which is about a boy who uses his imagination to turn an ordinary box into a portal which allows him to encounter all kinds of adventures. Neve made her own Nowhere Box castle which is awesome.

William and Beatriz have become super spellers with the help of sound boxes.

Indigo made 2D shapes using stones from her garden.

From Mrs Ogden,

Year 1 Blue has continued to work very hard at home and the students have completed a great variety of work on Seesaw. Here are a few wonderful samples:

  • Eloise and Aria created a plan for their writing to describe a celebration.
  • Ella worked hard at solving addition sums using a number line.
  • Beth did a great job solving addition sums using 2-digit numbers.

These are some of the lava lamps that Year 1 Blue created with Mrs Curk.

From Mrs Hyland

The students of 1 White have been incredible online learners. I am very proud of them and very thankful to their parents and carers for the way in which they have continued with their learning at home.

Last Friday we had a lesson with Mrs Curk on Zoom, and then we created our own lava lamps. Skye said… “That was the best experience!”

Tyler showed that he knows how to get rid of pesky seagulls!

Liam has used descriptive words in his writing.

Mia showed that she can subtract.

From Mrs Stewart (Yr 2)

Congratulations to Year 2 on another great week of home and school learning.

  • Chloe brought a special visitor to school last week - "Dancing Queen" the stick insect.
  • Ava planned her recount about her trip to Point Plomer.
  • Heidi is playing "tricky words" games.
  • Lillian is reading “The 13-Storey Treehouse” by Andy Griffiths.
  • Sebastian wrote a recount about coming back to school.
  • Tallan measured the capacity of different containers in his kitchen.

FROM MRS CURK (Yr 1 Science, Yr 4/5/6 History)


From Mrs Koster & Mrs McCarthy (Yr3)

Another great week of learning in Year 3.

Year 3 has been reflecting on what 'peace' means to them. Eva created a lovely poster to help remind people of the importance of coming together in harmony.

In our Science lesson, we researched the question: Why is the sky blue? The class came up with some very interesting facts about the earth's atmosphere. Here is Hudson's response:

The sky is blue because of the different air around Earth. On different planets in the universe, like Mars, the sky is a different colour. It has got carbon dioxide over Mars, that’s why the sky in Mars is yellow and on earth 🌏 the sky is blue because of the air. In space the sky is black because there is no air. The sun affects the colour by reflecting different light. The blue lights are stronger than the orange and red light.

The Year 3 students are developing their creative writing skills, and have written some amazing narratives about using your imagination to cure boredom! Here is a story written by Jack Ayshford:

At home I was always bored because I've explored everything in my house from my bedroom to the backyard. So I saved up some money and bought an ancient map from Kmart. When I went home, I explored every last detail for many days. One day I found out that there was a riddle. I went to solve it. Suddenly a giant portal came out and sucked me in. As soon as I opened up my eyes, I saw a world of magic and wonder. Horsemen came out galloping with their mighty hooves. Trolls and elves were hiding under a ginormous bridge. Mermaids and mermen were splashing with their tails, and wizards were casting spells. The wizards’ magic helped people in need.

Suddenly, some scary looking guards came and took me to a big open field and then a wizard came out. The wizard spoke, saying: "Do not be afraid, my name is Ethan. I am a famous wizard. I defeated the sonic curse so my brother could see his dad. The only reason that I captured you is because I need your help! Magic is becoming extinct every day. It's because it’s hard to master, so people are finding more and more ways to make it extinct. So, will you help me bring back the world of magic?"

"But I will miss my family and friends," I said.

"Well, what if I could bring all of them here?” Ethan said.


"Zenitcyshonikymove!" Ethan said.

Suddenly, all my friends and family appeared! Ethan turned my family into wizards and turned my friends into horseman, trolls, elves and mermen. Slowly, magic came back to life and more and more wizards came to help...but it wasn't the end.

Year 3 also did some art, maths and PDHPE this week. Here are works samples from Koby, Jack and Shyannna.


The students of Year 5 have created mind maps on the topic of human rights. (See images).

Last week, the students of Year 4/5 continued to focus on their persuasive writing skills. This week we would like to share excerpts from some of the students’ persuasive writing in which they argue that books are better than TV.

The angry grey clouds rolled in from the west. The stillness in the air was all around me. I could not take my eyes from the sky because I've never seen anything like it. Reading books creates pictures in your mind and takes you to amazing places that you've never been before. Hayden

Books are light and portable so you can take them anywhere you go. You can read books anywhere you like on a plane, on a boat, by the pool, in the car, on long or short journeys, on a ferry, etc. You will see people often reading a book. You will often see people reading books because they're interesting, there are lots of them and books are more personal. Teddy

Books don't cost anywhere near as much as TVs! Once you pay for them, no bills at all, but with TVs you have to pay for electricity and if you own a smart TV you need to pay for Wi-Fi too. So, if you’re wanting a cheap and enjoyable option for your entertainment, choose books! Caitlin

Books are a great gift because they are a lot cheaper than buying a TV that costs like a million dollars! You can buy presents for yourself and others. There are around 54.6 million books sold in Australia! Books are very popular. Everybody will be wanting the new books that come out written by their favourite author. Peppa

Let's face it! How many times have you watched something, and you need to watch it again, but books stay where they are. If you go on the internet or Wikipedia, they’re always changing it so you can't see things 5 years ago. When you search stuff, you can't find the page you were on 9 days ago and there's like 900,000 websites. How do you know which ones are good? Layla

Ads are always on TV. 20 minutes per hour are usually ads. Ads are always louder than the program, too loud. Ever seen an ad in a book? When a suspenseful moment is happening on a TV it finishes right there but, in a book, you can keep on reading. Reading a book is usually quicker than watching the TV because you don't have to watch the boring ads. Lara

When you're bored don't turn on the TV. Read a book because TV is bad for your eyes. TV locks you into a set time and there are too many ads on TV. Emma

From Mrs dent (Yr 5/6)

Although we are over the moon to be back at school, we would have loved to stay at home in the warmth in our pj's and eat some homemade waffles.

Lacey made these ones last week from scratch. Delicious! Very clever Lacey.

We have been looking at Human Rights, Kai's mind map on some of the Universal Human Rights

And an amazing sizzling start from Jemima

I heard all the helicopters coming my way, why me? I thought to myself, why did I have to go through all this fright? I hopped out of my bed that’s springs had stuck into my back all night. I walked out of my room on the ship, it was freezing. I walked to the edge of the boat to see why the helicopters were coming so close. The only reason I was so scared was because when we first boarded the ship the captain told us that helicopters mean we’re in loads of danger, he never told me why though. As I looked over the railing, I froze.

“What is that?” I asked to the person next to me.

“I don’t know, but we better get moving.” He replied.

I would describe it as a hole, but in the ocean? I was confused, plus I was scared for my life. What’s going to happen to us? It could be so powerful that it could swallow the ship whole.

We both ran up to the top deck and asked if we could go any faster, but I could already tell that the ‘hole’ was dragging our ship towards it. Ever since I was a little girl my dream was to travel all around the ocean, but not like this.



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