In my life time Directed By Dakota k.

In my life time the antebellum in sc was made into many different ways. The planation life's developed into self sufficient communities, most of the goods and services was needed to run the plantation. The slave codes gave the slave owners the power over there slaves.
In my life time Abraham Lincoln was a republican, He opposed slavery in many territories. Many southerners assumed that this would only be about a matter of time before it came to a constitution was made to end all slavery. This had made my life hard because we needed slaves to help us on the farms
In my life time the civil war ft.sumpter was when a fine was opened on fort sumpter in Charlestown Sc at the beginning of the civil war. The battle was called the battle of American Civil war. The confederate artillery bombardment of major Anderson was a small union. This was a big effect on me and my life because this had causes damage to my home land
In my lifetime the emancipation proclamation was a big effect on South Carolina because slaves in the south had to take a long time before they could be known as freed slaves. They were in no way exempt from the provisions of the proclamation. This was a big effect because we didn't not have any slaves to hold and use for uses.
In my life time reconstruction was a lot for us humans. The 13,14, and 15th amendment had to deal with many laws, such as significant challenges. The amendments ha made things much harder for people with lands, farms, crops,etc. this was many things in my life because so many people like me had to do more work and make sure everything was right
In my lifetime the reconstruction plan took place. The reconstruction plan lead to forgiveness from the bad things that had happened. The plan had issued a proclamation in my time 1863. This had made my life a little bit easier than it had been over the time if forgiveness was to take place in my life.
During my time the freedman's bureau had taken place. This was an act that freed the slaves in South Carolina. I had watched people sign and discuss what should be done.
In my lifetime finally the Sc state constitution this constitution described the government. But mainly the Sc had many different constitutions in total of my time.
In my lifetime wade Hampton was the planation owner of SC. Wade had also surged as a confederate general during the civil war in my time. In my lifetime wade had organized the civil war in my time wade had played lead role in the civil war. There were also southern redeemers who had to deal with the Democratic Party. They had also had carpetbaggers and scalawags
In my lifetime Ben Tillman was a man who made my life very tough. He was a man who didn't like African American folks. He had made it good for white folks in the sc but for the colored people didn't not have good life choices.
Populism had many concerns about my life because you had to work out a lot of things in your mind and life that things would start to change because you give support to many people.
This was a different in my life because this law showed me how people are alike but different in many ways. This ad made my life very hard at times because they had radical segregation to deal with.
Natural disasters was a big effect on my life because my home was destroyed by many storms at the time. This had made my life hard because not many people had enough money to reconstruct there homes or anywhere else to live at during my time in the bad storms.
This had a big effect of industrialization on my life because immigration took place during my time o that many people had many jobs to be doing.
In my lifetime ww1 was the first war to take place. This was a little heart acing to hear about. The was a big effect to many areas in my time and many families.
In my life time the roaring 1920s had brung a lot of social and political issues to many people. That we had to have many economic ways to stay how we are.
In my lifetime the stock market had shown me the news of many things that was going on in my lifetime. It showed bad news, news about there things happened, and how things are gonna be taken care of in my lifetime.

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