Responsibility Shelby lubowicki

Various definitions for "responsible" (written in my words) are listed below:

  • being accountable for your own actions
  • failing to make excuses
  • dealing with things instead of avoiding them
  • taking on roles and striving to succeed

Throughout my life, I have always been educated to know what responsibility is. This past year, my first year away from home, I have become the most responsible I have ever been. Living without anyone to tell you what you can and cannot do is liberating but can be taken advantage of very easily. Without being responsible for myself, it would have been very easy for me to follow the crowd and ways of many college students. Even though it is easy to find a party or event any day of the week, college is about prioritizing and remembering why you are attending the school you are at. There have been times where I have slipped up and not been as responsible as I should have, but learning from my mistakes has brought me to where I am now, and I continue to grow.

responsiblity led me to where I am today is a website that displays exactly what it sounds like, stories with a moral to them. In a story called "The Four Smart Students", four unnamed college students decided not to take a test in order to party the night before. They made an excuse that included a blown out tire. When they were finally presented with the test, the four college students were asked the question, "which tire burst?" It is inferred that the four students did not talk about which tire was the one with the issue and made it evident that they were lying this whole time. This story is very relatable to me, hence why I chose to talk about it in this Journey Log. It is so easy to get caught up in opportunities in college and try to take the easy way out. The moral of this story is that lack of responsibility has its consequences.


Another famous novel and movie that holds the theme of responsibility is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Since it is one of my favorite stories, using this as a source to talk about this Habit of Mind gives me great joy. In the classic story, five children are put up head to head to be the last one standing in a factory of tempting pleasures. After scenes of kids being sucked up a chocolate tube, turning into a blueberry, getting attacked by squirrels, and turned miniature by faulty technology, one boy was left standing, Charlie. Without further explaining the story, it is apparent the responsibility can lead to great consequences and benefits.

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