Psychology Mental health help

Job description

As a Psychologist, you help people with all kinds of issues like PTSD and traumatic experience, or mental issues like Anxiety, Depression, Anger issues and more.

Required Education

Psychologists must obtain a PhD or PsyD doctoral degree, which can take up to four or six years.

Skills Needed

Psychologists need to be able to listen well and be understanding and not be biased towards their patience opinions, they need to have patience and be able to focus on what their patient is saying and they need to be professional.

Required Experience

Many places can use help from someone with knowledge of psychology. For instance, many communities invite people with knowledge in psychology to help work with children with disabilities, such as autism, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities


As of May 2015, the median annual salary for clinical, counseling and school psychologists was $70,580 per year.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Flexible work schedule, high earning potential, ability to work for your self. . .Dealing with clients can be stressful and draining, having to set up your own practice.

Career reflection

Reason why I'm drawn to this career

I love helping people and I want to be able to understand other people's minds and I can see how others go through life.

Why I think I'd be good fit for this job

I've had experiences with psychologists and I know what they need to do to get the job done and most of it is understanding and listening and I can do that, I love helping people and I feel like I can learn from it.

What attracts me to the career

What attracted me to the job the most was the fact that I can work anywhere, there is always an opportunity to help someone no matter where you live and you can go into your own practice and can work from home

My concerns

I feel like I would be stressed, having to hear about other people's traumatic experiences every day would take a toll on me eventually.

Strategy for making this career happen

Keep me grades up and go to a good college, and be dedicated to the practice and focus on what I need to do to get the job done.


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