Religion in the Democratic Republic of Congo An inspiring visit in goma

Getting the possibility to visit a church in DRC was always on my wish list. But how to get in there? During my travel in the east part of DRC - close to Goma - I got finally a chance to participate in a full service. It is a protestant church in the heart of the Goma city.

"Lost people matter to God, and so they must matter to us." — Keith Wright

People from far away joined this service on easter Sunday in 2017. They came by foot or they drove by car. All of them were looking beautiful in their dressed and suits. Everyone came in peace.

The service was held in French and Swahili. Both priest talked mostly simultaneously in both languages. Impressive. For me they especially arranged a english translator. Therefore I was able to follow the entire service. It lasted for over 3 hours.

Singing participants

The service covered almost everything:

  • Births
  • Death announcements
  • New entries
  • Weddings and
  • Baptism
Blessing of young born childs
The prayer

The church was able to accommodate more than 3000 people at the same time. The service was fully booked to the last seat.


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