Feudalism in Europe and Japan By:Mia Bautista

Two Feudal System

  • Both Europe and Japan Feudal System develop as a result of weak government.
  • The Emperor's had no real power from Europe and Japan.
  • The central government did not exist.
  • In Europe the landowners were called Lords and in Japan they were called Daimyo.
Japanese Daimyo
European Lord

Similarly Between Japan and Europe

  • Farming was the main activity in Japan and Europe.
  • In Europe soldiers were called Knights and in Japan Samurai.
  • In addition they bad really strong military leader's.
  • Both Europe and Japan needed to have a code for Knight's and samurai's.
Europe Knight
Japanese Samurai


Knight and Samurai both really needed to be into religion. Knights were Christians and Samurai were Shintoism and Buddhism.

Christian Bible
Japanese Bible


  • Poems in Japan were called Haikus these type of poems are short Poems about anything mostly about nature.
  • In Europe are called Epic poems these are poems about warriors or heroes.
Epic poems
Japanese Haiku

Women in Europe and Japan

  • Women in Europe couldn't make decisions only their father or husband.
  • They were trained to do chores , farming, spinning ,etc.
  • In Japan women were more free more. If they were married with a Samurai.
  • Women in Japan could become Samurai and fight with their husband.
Women in Japan
Europe women

Legacies of Feudalism

  • They both left legacies .
  • Haikus are still in Japan as well as Epic poems.
  • Loyalty and honor are still in Europe .
  • Many names from Europe still exist
  • Many structures are still in Japan and Europe.
European social class
Japanese social class
Created By
Mia Bautista

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