WIND AND SOLAR POWER By Rittik Ghosh and Ryan Fernald

Essential Question:

What is more efficient, wind or solar energy?

Pros+Cons of solar energy


  • In one second, the sun releases enough energy to meet the current needs to power the whole world for 500,000 years.
  • People that buy solar panels can get paid by power companies because they can make so much energy.
  • Solar energy is one of the most widely used renewable sources of energy.
  • Many people want to use solar power as a source of temporary energy.
  • Many solar panels are maintenance-free.
  • Solar panel can help reduce energy bills.
  • Solar energy has many uses.
  • Solar energy is predictable.


  • Solar panels are expensive to install.
  • Solar energy can only be collected when the sun is out.

Pros+Cons of wind energy


  • Wind energy has many uses, and there are many ways to capture it.
  • Wind energy creates no pollution.
  • Operational costs for wind turbines are low after they are built.
  • Wind power doesn't require any water.
  • Wind energy is abundant in the US. In fact, the US has one of the best wind energy resources in the world.
  • Wind power can help keep electric rates low.


  • Wind turbines cost a lot to install.
  • Wind turbines might have a negative impact on the environment in the sense that it can harm wildlife.

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