You're engaged to be married! Now the planning has begun!

I am super excited to be part of your special day and look forward to capturing all the special moments shared with your closest around you. Planning a wedding... there is so much to consider and it can easily become overwhelming. This guide is not only here to help you get a great understanding of how I love to work, but also to give you some advice on things to consider when planning the big day.

It's YOUR day!...

...Not your parents nor your closest friends. Plan the day YOU want to have. If some traditions seem a little unnecessary, then don't do them. If the venue's schedule doesn't work for you, change the timetable. There are no rules here, make it your own.

After all the planning is done, be prepared to let everything go on the day itself. Enjoy every moment, celebrating the best way you know how with the right people by your side. Having fun during every moment and not worrying about everything being perfect = more awesome pictures!

Before the day

A month before the day, I'll send you an online form with detailed questions about your wedding. Not only will it include questions on your schedule, it will also ask for a list of those important family formal pictures you want to have taken. Once this is completed a final Skype call will be arranged with you both to go over the final questionnaire.

Specific Photographs

The online form will also give you the opportunity to highlight any quirky ideas you may have, however there is no need to send over your Pintrest board! I welcome any specific photographs you love from either the venue or my website that you would like to try on the day. I find it best to approach the day with an open mind, that way your photographs are very much yours as no two weddings are the same.


Asking yourselves these questions should get the ball rolling into having the most memorable of days!

Play your cards right! Great laugh for everyone with fun prizes for your guests to win!
  1. What do we want our guests to experience on the day? Do we have any shared interests?
  2. How have any previous weddings influenced us, both negatively and positively?
  3. What pictures are the least important to us?
  4. What makes us unique as a couple?
  5. Describe your ideal wedding day using 3 words.
A month before you say "I do!"

A month before the wedding day the final balance is due. This will be your last chance to add any a-la carte items to your current collection. A second photographer is recommended if your guest list is over 130. Please consider letting me know as early as possible as my second photographers are strictly professional and work under the same ethos as myself. A wee reminder that a saving of over £250 can be made by going with an album collection prior to your wedding day.


The Morning

For the majority of weddings, I cover both the bride and the groom getting ready. This is usually when both parties aren't too far from each other, ideally at the same venue! It really is all down to logistics and we can talk about how we would achieve this. If for any reason it's too difficult, then I'd recommend a 2nd photographer to document one party and we would then meet up before the ceremony.

I like to arrive early at around 9am as it's a great opportunity to meet everyone and get a feel for the day. I like to meet with the staff at the venue and look for some good locations. I also think it's a great way for everyone to get over the "look there's the photographer....shit he is taking a picture of me" syndrome! I totally get it, but I promise, you'll soon get used to going about your day, forgetting I am even there. A huge part of why I am at your wedding is I love to document what is happening, telling an honest story of the relationships with your family and friends.


As a documentary photographer, my main goal is that you remember the day exactly how it was. With that in mind, the morning preparations can be a little hectic at times and some rooms can get a little untidy. Please don't worry about cleaning up for me but please be mindful of this if it does bother you when you look back over the day.

Just Ignore me!!

Documentary or reportage wedding photography is all about telling the story. It may take a wee bit of time to get used to but please ignore me and enjoy yourself as if I am part of the furniture!


I am a great believer that the details look much better on you than as a single image. That being said, they are still important and would ask for you to have them all laid out (dress, shoes etc.) as I aim to incorporate them into the story as you are getting ready. If you would like some sentimental items photographed please make me aware of this and I'll make it happen.

Top Tip - Light

In the morning I love to work with window light. It's such a soft, flattering, attractive light and is great to work with. Your make-up artist and stylist should know this and I ask for make up to be done facing the light, and hair across the light if at all possible. At your venue pick a room with the biggest windows!! Window light = Winning!!

The Ceremony

If you are getting married in a church, it's worthwhile checking with their rules and restrictions on photography. Some tend to restrict photographers from certain view points. Some have rules using flash etc. Both of my cameras can be on silent shooting mode to be as unobtrusive as possible. If the minister has any concerns, please give me his or her number and I can talk about it with them.

After the ceremony

The minute you walk down the aisle, I want you to completely immerse yourselves in the fact you have just gotten married! Grab a glass of champagne and give your nearest and dearest a hug!! Don't worry about a massive group shot, that can done later if needed. Don't worry what to do next on the schedule - let us take care of that. I love this part of the day and always allow you 30 minutes at least to enjoy everyones company before going ahead with family formals.

Family Formals

I am a huge believer in having some family photographs during the day and I love taking them. I am also a believer that this should be done in a fairly short time period. I ask that you each delegate someone from both families to be in control of this as it helps immensely in rounding everyone up. I usually aim to do this around 30 minutes after the ceremony. To ensure this doesn't take up too much time from the day a maximum of 8 groups including your bridal party is reccommended. For any other formal pictures - these can be done at anytime as I am usually there most of the day. Friends and family will then have option to buy these from your online gallery.

The less time spending taking formal photographs - the more creative I can be in telling your story....and the more fun you can have!


Come reception time, depending on whether your speeches are before or after, I usually stop for half an hour to recharge the batteries and have a quick something to eat. If you have some food for me, that would be greatly appreciated but if not, could you let me know as I'll bring a packed lunch with me.

Portrait Time

I have 1 rule for myself - Keep it simple, easy and fun!

I keep an open mind when it comes to the specific time on when to do some portraits of the two of you. Weather and timing are an important factor with this. I aim to do 2 super short sessions with the 2 of you, both around 15 minutes long before and after the reception. After the reception is a great time to consider getting some portraits done as it's a time when you are both a little more relaxed. You have had a great meal, delighted you nailed your speech and spoken with everyone. Now is a time for you both to take 15 minutes to enjoy each other in the setting sunlight.

The Golden hour is the best time of the day for photographs together.
Night time Portraits

Portraits in the evening are such a great way to end your perfect day. I usually have lights already to go and will only need you for 5 minutes tops! That way you can get back to the dance floor!


With every full day collection, I'll be there until your wedding buffet starts which is usually 9:30 or 10pm. I'll be on the dancefloor with you, doing my Dad dance, celebrating with you and joining in the fun! You can ask me to stay to the very end if you wish, but please mention this to me before your wedding day and I'll add it to your collection.


After your wedding day I always aim to have a few selected "sneak peak" pictures for you to have while I edit the rest of the day. I aim to have your images to ready to view online within 3 weeks of your wedding date. I tend to take my time and not rush this process - I want to make your images the very best they can be. During busy periods it can sometimes take a little longer but I can assure you it will be worth the wait!


As soon as the online gallery goes live, you can start selecting your favourite pictures for your album. The process will be explained to you via an email. Once you are happy with the design of your album, I can go ahead with the order and you can expect to see your album within 2 weeks from that date.

If you didn't already choose an album collection, no problem! I can easily design and have one specially made for you. Ideally I'd like to have all of my couples to have this perfect memento of their day in an album, to be shared around and loved. It is worthwhile mentioning again, that a saving of £250 can be made when going with the album collection before your wedding day. Please let me know if you would like to upgrade to this collection.



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