Learning to Swim By: Ann Turner

Genre & Author Bio

Genre-of this book is fiction. Author Bio-Ann Turner began her writing career as a poet and has subsequently published more than 35 books. Learning to swim is about how she had a painful, silent childhood. In the book it also brings meaning of how she has come out of her painful childhood and made something of herself.


This book takes place in the 80's or 90's on a few acers of land with a yellow house and a pond that impacts the whole book.

Plot Summary

In Learning to Swim the main character and her family go to their summer house where the main character starts to learn how to swim. A older boy/family friend takes the main character to read a book upstairs in the summer home where he goes on to do terrible things to the main character.

Main Character Description

The main character in Learning to Swim is unnamed. The unnamed narrator is a 8 year old girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She in mentally younger than 8 years old. She can't tell anyone what happened in fear of being in trouble.

Theme & Primary Conflict

The theme of this book is learning to not be scared being scared shouldn't affect anyone in anyway they should overcome it to be the best they could be. The primary conflict of this book is not being able to tell someone what happened to her.


"I am the pig and you are the wolf waiting at the door to gobble be up..." (Pg 57) This quote develops the family friend who does the abusing. "I have a knife in my hand, slicing beef on the willow-ware plate, I cut harder and faster thinking its your pink neck under my blade..." (Pg 77) This quote develops the main characters hate for the abuser.

Definition Paraphrasing

Bureau-a chest of drawers with a mirror at the top Willow-Ware-china holding cabinet Hot Room-room on the outside wall of a house with windows Iron Bedsteads-today called the headboard and footboard Impish-likely to do naughty things


I would recommend this to someone older who would understand what happened and why she was scared to tell what happened. This book is a mind blower!


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