Texture COM134 Digital Photography

Challenge: Create 4 comparisons between textures without editing the photos beyond cropping.
This comparison details the contrast between a hard and soft texture. I also aimed to keep the color compassion neutral, to add focus to the texture comparison.
This comparison focuses on the fine details and fold between the two materials. I rotating the images to present a more mirrored effect, which I felt enhanced the comparison.
This is another comparison between a hard and soft surface. I felt that the light, billowing material contrasted to the hardened, rough wood was solid. Again, I kept the colors similar to enhance the comparison.
This comparison focuses on the indentations between stone and fabric. The comparison between stone and fabric is fairly obvious, with one being hard and the other being soft. The indentation is a little more complex, and one I felt could be added to the theme of hard and soft.


Kayla Draper

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