10 Modern Rules for the Modern Idiot a remake for 10 do's and don'ts for dummies

Today we live in a world where the smallest of action can cause the biggest reaction. This handbook will help even the unfortunate people survive the world.

RULE #1: Always be on time

Rule#2: Always come prepared

Rule#3: Unless being spoken to in a situation, staying quiet is your best bet

Rule#4: When going on an interview, be as professional as possible

Rule#5: When on social media keep drama to a minimun

Rule#6: Be kind to everyone, because they may be the person to help you when you need them

Rule# 7: Don't be afraid to stand your ground

Rule#8: Know when someone really likes you and when someone is taking advantage of you

Rule#9: Don't spend money on people who don't spend time on you

Rule#10: Keep your enemies and doubters close at all time, because they are the people who make you stronger.


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