2021 sx International Cup welcome back!

Everything you need to know to find your way around the SX Cup

We have tried to answer any question you may have about the weekend in one place. Keep this info package handy if you have any questions over the weekend.

Viewing the Schedule

There are a number of ways to view the schedule.

  • on your team dashboard
  • a www.sxcup.ca/schedule-results (when viewing the whole schedule if you click on your teams name it will highlight all your games)
  • download the Event Connect App

For Android

For iPhone


All games MUST start exactly on time to maintain the tournament schedule. Failure to start the game on time may require the game length to be reduced accordingly.

Park Highlights & Information

The are 9 tournament venues with close to 40 fields in Surrey, Langley & Delta.

Each venue is a bit different so we put highlights from each one together for you. Please check out each of your parks before you leave for your first game for pointers on parking, finding the venue and what will be available at the park.

Tournament Venues

See below for a list of all the tournament venues and some pointers about getting there, what you will find there and parking once you are there.

Tents & Benches

Full sized grass fields at Cloverdale Athletic Park, Newton Athletic Park & South Surrey Atheltic Park will have tents and benches. Full sized turf fields all have covered team benches. Small sided (U10 - U12) teams and teams playing on Yorkson grass will have to supply their own benches & tents.


Newton Athletic Park

  • Headquarters
  • First Aid/Athletic Therapist
  • Food Trucks & Concession
  • 7 full sized fields (3 turf & 4 grass)
  • 2 8v8 turf fields
  • 2 mini (u10) fields

Parking can be very tight at NAP, do not park on yellow curbs or block entrances, there is overflow parking across the street at the school or 1 block south at Kwantlen University.


  • Headquarters
  • First Aid/Athletic Therapist
  • Food Truck & concession
  • 8 full size fields
  • Field 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7 are grass
  • Fields 3, 9 & 10 are turf

Parking for fields 1, 2 & 3 can be found off of 148th street just past 20th Ave at the Semiahmoo High School parking lot.


  • Headquarters
  • First Aid/Athletic Therapist
  • Food Truck
  • 5 full sized fields
  • 1, 2 & 3 are turf
  • 4 & 5 are grass


  • 2 full sized turf fields


  • 1 full sized turf field


Willoughby Community Park

  • Headquarters
  • First Aid/Athletic Therapist
  • Concession
  • 1 full sized turf field
  • 6 8v8 turf fields
  • 2 mini (u10 turf fields)


  • 1 full sized turf field
  • 2 full sized grass fields


Delsom Turf

  • headquarters
  • 3 8v8 turf fields

Mackie Turf

  • 1 full sized turf field

Tournament Headquarters

The following parks all have a Headquarters tent - if you need anything during the event the quickest way to get in touch with us is through the tent. Staff will be available all weekend at each tent.

If you are at one of the satellite fields that does not have a headquarters tent the quickest way to get in touch with us is to text 604-828-6651 with the park name, field # & team name and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



You do not need to check in at the park when you arrive. Your team is pre-checked in by uploading all your information to your dashboard.

Player ID Cards

Teams do not need to show Player ID cards at each game. Please have proof of age available for all players in case you are asked by a tournament official at any of your games.


Teams do not need to print game sheets or report scores. Please be patient for scores to be uploaded to the website, depending on the number of games ending at a given time it may not happen right away but they all will be uploaded as soon as possible.

If you believe the score was entered incorrectly please text 604-828-6651 with the park, age group, game time and team names/score. We will confirm the score and update it, if it has been entered incorrectly.


Field Marshalls can be found through-out the parks. You will recognize them by their teal hoodies or red tees. If you can't find a Field Marshall go to the closest headquarters.


If your referee is not at your field 5 minutes before your game is supposed to start visit the nearest Field Marshall tent or Headquarters tent.

If you are at a field without a headquarters tent, text us at 604-828-6651 with park & field number




There are no assigned warm up spaces, they are first come first served. There will be limited time to warm up on your field before your game.

First Aid

First Aid/Athletic Therapists will be on site at Newton Athletic Park, South Surrey Athletic Park, Cloverdale Athletic Park & Willoughby Community Park for minor injuries and taping (where time permits). Players must either supply their own tape or pay a nominal fee to the Athletic Therapist.


Can the player walk? Bring them to the First Aid tent to be assessed. First Aid will not give out ice without seeing the player first.

If the player can not walk, get the attention of the nearest Field Marshall or the headquarters tent and the First Aid person will come to your field.


Food & Drink


TNT Wraps - featuring Gyros, fries, salads

Mr Tube Steak - featuring hotdogs & smokies

Concession for cold drinks & snacks


Concession for cold drinks & snacks

M&M Specialties - Burgers, pizza, hotdogs - Coffee

Cloverdale Athletic Park

Booster Juice

Willoughby Community Park


Champions for Charity

As leaders in sport and tournament management we are consistently looking at ways to innovate, improve, and create more meaningful/purposeful experiences.

During the pandemic we had a chance to review our events and look at areas where we could connect soccer and competition with a more sustainable and charitable approach. One of the areas that we focussed on was medals that 1st/2nd place teams receive.

While we know that players love to receive a medal for their accomplishments, we feel that this joy is quite short lived for photos and then that item ends up in a drawer or landfill.

So we decided to re-imagine our award system with the following objectives:

  • Continue to recognize our teams who finish in the top 2 spots
  • Reduce waste and items going into the landfill
  • Donate to charitable and worthy causes
  • Align winning mentality with the spirit of giving back to others

So for 2021 we will be donating $100 per team on behalf of all of our U13-U18 teams who finish 1st or 2nd in their division of the tournament.

We have identified five (5) organizations to direct donations towards. It was important to recognize causes that had a connection to one or more of the following:

Sport | Children | The communities that we operate in

We hope that all of our teams will support this change and will use this as an opportunity to educate your players and build more awareness around charitable impact and the role we all can play.

Please take the time to review our selected charities and to understand what they are working towards.

JUMPSTART | KIDSPORT | BC CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL | SPECIAL OLympics | the surrey firefighters charitable society

Tournament Apparel

Pre-Order Tournament Apparel until August 24th and pick it up at the Headquarters of the park where you play your first game. (teams who have games where there are no headquarters will be contacted about pickup)

Click here to pre-order your apparel until August 24th.

Shirts and hoodies are over 50% sold out!

Pre-order and get the size and colour you want. Limited items will be available at tournament headquarters if they are not sold out before hand!

Game Day Video

The latest AI automated cameras for all your game recording needs.

You can choose to record one game or all four of your games. We set up the camera, the camera records the game and you get the download after the tournament.

Important Information

Please keep in mind that the spirit of this event, for all levels, is to have fun and compete against other teams of similar ability. We understand that everyone likes to win; however, in the process, we expect that all teams respect their opponents and the match officials.


The SX International Cup has a zero-tolerance policy for verbal and/or physical abuse of any referee by players, team officials, parents or spectators and will take any infraction seriously (potential suspension for entire event or team expulsion from the tournament)

Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the Laws of the Game and generally accepted good sportsmanship. Displays of temper or dissent are cause for ejection from the game and surrounding field area. Repeated violations may result in the suspension/expulsion of the team in question.

It is the responsibility of the Club/Team staff to control the conduct of its parents and other spectators. Failure to do so may result in a warning to the coach or person acting on the coach’s behalf.

If unacceptable behaviour persists, the referee may terminate the match.

All participants should be aware that Field Marshals have the authority and right to remove any unruly or uncivil spectators from the game field perimeter and/or the field complex area.

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are permitted in the park.


Any player receiving a red card in a match is subject to discipline as follows:

  • An automatic suspension of his/her next game
  • Potential further review/suspension by the discipline committee

The referee’s decision in matters concerning the Laws of the Game is considered final. The Tournament Officials will not overrule a referee's decision.


Only protests regarding non-referee decisions will be permitted.

All protests will only be entertained if received, in writing, within one hour after the completion of the game in question. A $250.00 fee, payable in cash, must accompany all protests. Protests and fees can be delivered to the tournament headquarters. The protest fee will be fully refunded if the protest in question is deemed valid.


The following process has been implemented to address any complaints or issues that arise throughout the event.

  • Grievances must only be reported by Team Managers by email to the Tournament Officials sxcup@e11evenmanagement.com
  • Any reports from anyone other than a team official will be deleted upon receipt.
  • Provide a clear written account of the incident including – game number, time & location - name/names of persons involved

A Tournament Official will respond to the grievance -

  • All reports will be addressed in order of severity.
  • All reports will be taken seriously; but not all will warrant further investigation.
  • Some reports may not be addressed until after the event if they do not affect the outcome/running of the event.

Game Formats


  • play 2 X 25 minutes (50 minute game)
  • 7 v 7 (6+ Goalkeeper)

U11 - U12

  • play 2 X 25 minutes (50 minute game)
  • 8 v 8 (7+ Goalkeeper)

U13 - U15

  • play 2X30 minutes (60 minute game)
  • 11 V 11 (10+ Goalkeeper)

U16 – U19

  • play 2 X 35 minutes (70 minute game)
  • 11 V 11 (10+ Goalkeeper)

In the case of mixed age groups, groups always play by the format of the oldest group.

In case of teams having similar jersey colour - home team changes.

Our Partners

E11even Management is pleased to partner with the following companies to bring you the SX Cup Series

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Looking for a place to eat after the game?

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About E11even Management

Since 2012 E11even Management Inc. has been an industry leader in club, event, league, and player management. We are a boutique soccer advisory firm with well known, and experienced soccer professionals at all levels (professional, national, college/university, community) of the game.


The SX Cup Series is Canada's largest tournament series. Including the SX College Showcase & Player ID Camp, the SX Spring Cup, the SX International Cup and watch your emails for more events coming for 2022.
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Game Day Video offers state of the art AI Automated game recording. Rent a camera or purchase a tournament package and have us record for you.

E11even Management Staff

During the event the best method of contacting us is by visiting a HQ tent in the park you are playing at.

For Information about the event, registration, accommodations, permits or any general event inquiries - Contact Tanya McCulloch | tmcculloch@e11evenmanagement.com

Any questions about the schedule - Contact Nour Fathy | nfathy@e11evenmanagement.com

Any questions about Game Day Video - Contact Steve Meszaros | smeszaros@gamedayvid.com

Any other questions - Contact Chris Murphy | cmurphy@e11evenmanagement.com

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