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Hi my name is killer .I use to live in Poland I have 28 kids 4 parent 8 grandparent In my family. were rich we had more than $2000,000..9,000,000 house and 9,000,000 mansion. than we had to move to Germany.

we had fun there but 2 of my grandparent die .it was sad 4 kid left there was a sickness going on 4 kid die. my parent deride to move the the question was were . my percent hard there was a ship going to ELLIS ISLAND .we went to the ship long Germany. 2 kid die .it was sad we went to the bout .days later were there but 4 kids die. I was execdie that were there . were was mark with smbaled.

some of my family was sent back



Durning Ellis Island's 62 years as an immigration station, 355 babies were born on the island. More than 3,500 immigrants died there . steamship companies were responsible for taking back, free of charge, all emigrants who were turned away for medical and legal reasons. If someone under the age of 16 was turned away, a family member could also accompany that person home free of charge

Statue of Liberty Facts

  1. The tablet of symbol for the low and government.
  2. the crone have 7 point for 7 state.
  3. she have a broken chained for freedom.
  4. if a kid did not look like there print there sent back
  • one of my favorite thing was the pictures.
  • I like the audio .
  • I like the "Did You Know" box with more information .


Ellis island Interactive Tour

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