Some people don't have the materials or resources to take care of a child. It's my body, therefore, it’s my choice. Abortion is wrong. A baby should live and grow to a beautiful life. A fetus has the same rights as us humans,

Fetuses are entitled to the same rights as humans. Abortion violates human rights. "Abortion is not a religious, social, or political issue, it is a human rights issue" (Abortion). Fetus are living and should have rights as another human being. Abortion is murder. During an abortion fetus feel pain. Inflicts suffering on the unborn child. "A fetus can feel pain, they say that pain is evidence of a human life that should not be destroyed, even before viability".(Roth) Woman can later have consequences or effects by the abortion.

The killing of an innocent human being is wrong, even if that human being has yet to be born. If a baby is not wanted, it can be put up for adoption. They can go to a loving family and home where it can be well taken. " It's unfair to allow abortion when couples who cannot biologically conceive are waiting to adopt". (Rosenberg) "The government is on notice that it is violating women's rights with strict abortion laws. A committee is going on, which gives a mother and the unborn child equal rights to life”.(Rosenberg) " They say that pregnant women will resort to unsafe illegal abortions if there is no legal option” ( Abortion). “When we tell one another that abortion is okay, we reinforce the idea that human lives are disposable, that we can throw away anything or anyone that inconveniences us.”(Randy Hultgren) Abortion should not be an option.

Fetuses are entitled to the same rights as humans. It's unfair to allow abortion. Always think your decision through. Having the privilege to bring a child into this word should be a blessing. Together we can all stop abortion.

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Valeria Reyes


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