Monday, NOV 29th 2021

Nov 29 - Dec 2 - Book Fair

Dec 3 - Parent/Teacher Conference

Dec 8-10 - Annie: The Musical Auditions

Dec 14 - DFMS Choir Concert

Dec 20 - 31 - No School

The Diamond Fork food drive has ended, but what a finish!

Because of the amazing support of our students, community, and faculty our school raised 76,272 items for the Utah Valley Emergency Food Bank - a new school record! We more than tripled our school goal of 25,000 items (and these numbers do NOT include the very generous single donation from an anonymous donor).

The food bank sincerely thanks everyone at DFMS for participating, and a special thank you to all those fun-loving, competitive faculty members who make our school's food drive a success. Here is the final tally of the top 10 classes:

  1. Ms. Andersen - 7,517 items
  2. Ms. Brown - 7,417 items
  3. Ms. Antares - 6,803 items
  4. Mr. Bingham - 5,967 items
  5. Mr. Evans - 4,949 items
  6. Mr. Chandler - 4,913 items
  7. Ms. McKenzie - 4,409 items
  8. Ms. Schwenke - 4,399 items
  9. Mr. Bigler - 3,740 items
  10. Mr. Charles - 3,430 items
We have quite the collection of jackets, water bottles, and other lost treasures in our lost and found. If your student is missing something, please have them check the lost and found in the front office. The lost and found will also be available during Parent/Teacher Conferences this Thursday, so please take a moment that night to see if anything looks familiar.

We have after-school activities that your students may attend! Space is limited, so if they are interested, the sign-up sheet is on the teacher's door.


  • Chess with Mr. Chandler in room 19


  • Yu Gi Oh and other card games with Mr. Francis in room 27
  • Dance in room T3 with Mrs. Gardiner


  • Dungeons and Dragons with Mr. Whiting in room 10
  • Embroidery/Stitching with Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Ashton in room 39

Morning and afternoon intramurals:

  • Every Tuesday thru Thursday
ALL IN for learning!