A photographer's tale one picture at a time

I think like most children who dream of becoming a photographer one day, my obsession with the camera started at Christmas.

2/10/2017 - East New York, New York

My father was always ahead of the curve when it came to camera gear. Back in the day when old school SLRs were king, before the term megapixel and the digital revolution hit, I have him to thank for trust of putting his very expensive gear into my hands. There was never overshooting with us. If we thought it was interesting, we shot it.

And there was no holiday quite like Christmas to break out the camera for. With four kids and so many family affairs, I think we were lucky that dad could bring back film from work. I think we might have gone broke if it hadn't been the case!

We still occasionally find undeveloped rolls of film. Some recoverable, some not, but all just a tiny fragment of what we took. When my mom passed, I think we have a few boxes full of unsorted, non-archived photos.


Thanks Zak. I've always just been one opportunity away from being the villain in a kids movie. And this is photographic proof. I Just need a blond wig now.

-Sean @ 3:52PM

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Sean Chiochankitmun


Sean Chiochankitmun

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