Hen's Eggs hatching energy into form

You know how much I enjoy meeting new people and supporting them to “find their true voice now” in bringing their unique message into the world. Henrietta Bryant is an amazing actress, having traveled that long and winding road to create characters that touch us at our core. When we first met, I knew she had so much more to offer and I wanted to nudge her in this direction.

During our all-hours conversations, I felt something different in her words. Something so raw and brutally honest, that I just had to let her know. She needed to write. She needed to share her experiences, her dark and her light. Her gifts. You see, we all have gold in our history. How you use this gold is up to you. And every once in a while, it’s pure gold. Remember the phrase “A picture tells a thousand words”? This is her words evoking a thousand images! She bares all in her writing, so buckle up people. This IS reality and I love her open heart.

- Rick Gabrielly, New York - July 2016 - Happy 40th Birthday Hennie

you are limitless.

Here's Hennie...

I have a very strong belief that we are entering a global phenomenon that will completely obliterate life as we have known it until now. A shift in perspective, an awakening.

I believe in Divine Timing (that everything happens for a reason.)

My own internal battle rages on until I, an awareness, listen to the VIP (this voice of Illusions of Pain) and in that moment I am released from its claws.

The light of truth will always cast out the shadows of fear because the truth is that nothing exists other than Love. If you feel anything other than Love including those that are born out of love; joy, peace, abundance, serenity, etc…. than it is an illusion.

Love is who you are.

I'm Henrietta Bryant. And this is my story...

And I know right now nothing makes sense and so I am inviting you to tag along on my journey and trust me I do not have the answers. Not by a long shot. In fact it is ironic that I have been called upon to write about the fact that through simple universal laws and aligning yourself with them (law of attraction, law of cause and effect, the law of correspondence, the law of expectations, of belief, and on it goes) coupled with self awareness and a big set of balls one can harness the power of the universe which is already waiting for you to come to this realization, and in realizing your true nature, life is transformed.

All problems disappear, instead becoming challenges and opportunity to learn and grown and lead the most spectacular life.

there is only love

Throughout your JOURNEY you must see life as a beautiful gift and enjoy the world of form within this amazing body that you are currently housed in, you can enjoy this dimension in ways you cannot fathom. Every single life is inextricably linked and the Universe is one giant life form that is flowing through all life-form, from humans and animals to plants, stones, trees, blades of grass and grains of sand and all of us are sustained by this life-force.

Whatever design the Universe has, you are part of it and no matter what nonsense your ego has led you to believe. That you need to amass wealth and have this and go there. There is only one thing your body is for and that is to shine the light of spirit into the world, this is the meaning of love and your body is for you to communicate love to the world.

live more. love more.

Would you come with me to the end's of the Earth?

I'm hoping you will. Because this journey is best taken together. We are all one anyway, and any separation is simply our ego talking. I prefer listening to my heart. If you do too, let's join forces and prove that many candles can light the darkest places.

So grateful you found me, let's go One Step Beyond.

Please reach out to me via email, YouTube or Facebook at the links below. With Love, Light and Everything Bright. - Henrietta Bryant xxoo

thank you for supporting me
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