Project 3 was all about using the machines which really had me looking forward to this project. Before I could make anything I needed to do my research on all the machines that I would eventually use. The three machines I was going to use included the Formlabs Form2 (3D printer), Roland SRM-20 (CNC machine), and the VersaLaser 4.60 (laser cutter). I found it somewhat difficult to find the information I was looking for, but as I kept looking on different websites and blogs I finally had a brief understanding of each machine. Now I could finally begin designing my products. I decided to make a baby avocado for myself using the 3D printer. I also wanted to make a heart with my mom's name and birth date because later this month is her birthday. That was made with the CNC machine. And lastly, using the laser cutter I wanted to create an electric guitar for my boyfriend.

The baby avocado was probably the easiest of the three products. The only trouble I had was in SoildWorks when I was trying to create the sphere for the pit of the avocado.

Baby Avocado

The heart was also pretty easy to make except for the text. It was really frustrating because it was hard for me to get the text centered, so it took me more than a few times to get my desired look.

Mom's Heart

Lastly was the guitar, which was also the most difficult to make. I first tried to make it free-handing it but after a couple attempts I realized that would not work unless I wanted an abstract or wonky guitar. Jacob H. saw how I was struggling and suggested I use a picture and pretty much trace around it. I found a picture I liked and then did just that. It was much easier to get a good looking design rather than my free-hand method.

Electric Guitar

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