Gene Therapy to Prevent Blindness By ariana gadda and darren siscar

What it is and how it was made

Gene therapy to prevent blindness is a concept from an idea from Eric Pierce. In 2007 3 teams were sent out and launched the 1st clinical trials of gene therapy to prevent blindness. Gene therapy to prevent blindness is a therapy when a surgeon goes through processes. The surgeon would put a gene into the eye which could depend on the people. The gene would cause the cells to die, they would add a type of fluid into the eye and working genes are added to stop the rest of the cells from dying.

What discoveries led to the development of preventing blindness?

The discovery of a gene that could help prevent blindness started with a group of scientists led by Dr. Carmel Toomes, who tested patients with the gene and the results were positive. His discovery of the gene would then led to more scientists using that gene and expanding them. The patients had a disease called FEVR (Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy) which disrupted the development of the eye. Dr. Carmel explained how this discovery can help save a patient if they are treated early.

The impact on our modern society

Preventing blindness has helped our society by a lot. Through this we have cured many people and they can see and pick up visual clues at a young age. For example, people can read words and numbers which has made them more confident in life as they get older. People can also see colors for the first time. They can even do things they haven't been able to do without vision like sports. Their life has changed to be easier when they get cured.

What if the gene was widespread?

If the gene was widespread then many people would be cured and many people wouldn't be left out because of there vision. If this became widespread many people would even get jobs and many people could see the world like never before. It would be great if the gene is widespread. Because of it being widespread many kids would be able to start learning at a young age. Everyone that would get cured would be able to see the world vividly.

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