My Trip Through Europe By: Rachel Landsgaard

Overview of the Trip:

I also went to Venice but it wouldn't show on the map.
  • Approximate Miles: 1722 Miles
  • Approximate Hours of Travel: 44 Hours and 5 minutes
  • Total Expense: About $3,681
  • Traveling: 2 days
  • Staying: 12 days

Berlin, Germany

First, I flew from Denver straight to Berlin and stayed there for two days in the Inter City Hotel Berlin costing me $174 for two nights. During my stay I visited the remnants of the Berlin wall which was free and then spent a day on Museum Island which cost me $19. I then took a train to Prague using a pass that I purchased during the duration of my stay in Europe. I passed many gorgeous hillsides on the lengthy ride.

Prague, Czech Republic

Next, I stayed in Prague for one day. I stayed at the Three Crowns Hotel Prague which cost me $65 for one night. While in Prague I visited the Prague castle for $5.50 and visited the Charles Bridge for free with its beautiful 14th century views. I then traveled to Vienna by train seeing lush mountains and hills.

Vienna, Austria

I stayed in Vienna for one day in the NH Wien Airport for $109. While there I visited St. Stephen's cathedral for free and the Wiener Riesenrad in order to see the maximum amount of views possible. It cost $10 for my ticket on the giant Ferris wheel and it was very fun. I then flew to Venice for $206 on an hour and 10 minute long flight.

Venice, Italy

I stayed in Venice for two days at the Best Western Plus Hotel Bologna for $155. While in Venice I walked and went on a romantic gondola ride by myself (the man steering was cute though so it was ok). It cost me $105.50 but it was worth it. I visited Saint Mark's Basilica as well as walk around the city and just take in the amazing views it offered. I then flew to Zurich for $166 for an hour and 10 minutes.

Zurich, Switzerland

I stayed in Zurich for one night at the Central Plaza Hotel for $191. While in Zurich I took a Zurich Old Town walking tour for $25 and it was incredible. I also took a cab for $35 to the Rietberg Museum which cost me $17. I then flew from Zurich to Paris for $124 and an hour and 20 minutes.

Paris, France

I stayed in Paris for two days at the Oceania Paris Porte de Versailles for $250. While in Paris I went to the Eiffel Tower and had dinner there for $125. I also visited the Palace of Versailles for a surprising $30. This was by far one of the best parts of my trip, especially the food. I feel like coming back here with a significant other would be magical. I then took a train to Brussels which took an hour and 45 minutes and which was covered with my train pass.

Brussels, Belgium

I stayed in Brussels for one day at the Bedford Hotel & Congress Centre for $65. While in Brussels I took a delicious chocolate tour for $37. It was INCREDIBLE. I also visited the Royal Palace of Brussels for free and it was very pretty but honestly it paled to my chocolate tour from before. I then flew to London for $144 and an hour and 10 minutes.

London, United Kingdom/England

I stayed in London for two days at the Strand Palace Hotel for $290 and this was by far my favorite city, I could see myself living here in the future if everything worked out. While in London I visited Big Ben and the London Eye for $40. The next day I stood outside of Buckingham Palace and observed it and messed with the guards who were standing there, it was quite fun. I also took a tour atop a red bus for $60 and it was very fun, I felt like I was in a movie and loved seeing the sights. I then flew back home after my amazing trip in Europe. The flight was $947 and took 11 hours non-stop.

Goodbye Europe!!


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