north America

mexico economy is growing steadily because more foreign company's are investing in manufacturing and the number of exports is rising. With more opportunity fewer people are attempting to cross the border. Problems still remain like higher rates of violence and poverty because of the governments war against drugs.

Cuba unable to aford new cars resort to old american models. Cuba in 2015 restored U.S diplomatic ties which have been untouched for half a century. It remains usertain wether congress will lift the 50 year old trade

After a five billion dollar upgrade to accommodate bigger ships panama canal opened for business this summer. The canal is 102 years old and was built by the u.s.control was turned over to panama in 1999. The canal has been an important root for global shipping.

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kyle lyons


Created with images by iivangm - "Centro Histórico de México" • Jacklyn Viazanica - "Car" • lyng883 - "DSC01911, Panama Canal, Colon, Panama"

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